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so its definitely Spring and has been for a while here in Georgia.We have the biggest bumbles ever!!! Usually I dont worry about shooting and being stung. Im way back with my long lens,but with these guys,,lordy look out!!!

Ive been learning to write better poetry.So far Ive met 3 authors and have been invited to next years writing conference . Im super excited!@!!@!@! So one guy said,"if you wanna write better poetry ,you need to READ more poetry." Hence the huge pile of books. half I own now and half I got from the library. Im really enjoying the learning process of writing better. Ive also been told I need to add Creative Writing to my degree as a minor.We shall see about that.

I hope you are all well.I hope Spring has spring for you all!!
God Bless
Debbie :D

Life Liberty and pursuit of anything you want

Lately ive been writing and learning to write. Im working on my poetry and learning more and more how to do it with an easy flow. We are on Spring break from college right now (and work as our phone system is down)
So I find myself reading. Enjoying the evening light as its light so late now. I enjoy lighting the candles to light the way to my home. I hope you are well.What are you liking,reading,or doing these days ?