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Chasing the Moon

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

The Moon called to me
"Come see my radiant light!"
I turned west and witnessed his gleam
as he crept toward goodnight.

The moon dipped past the horizon,
sliding silently into darkness,
regaining strength to come back, 
from the under side of the sphere.

Complicated rhythms,
moon and night,
night becomes day,
and day becomes light.

The moon hates the sun,
the sun hates the night,
complicated fears,
each filled with fright.

The night comes again, the sun hiding so bright,
the moon once again chasing its light,
and here our tale begins once more,
the sun struggling to gain control from the night..

I woke this AM and noticed the moon. I turned west instead of east and was caught in the moons light. The horizon to the east was showing the sun and to me the sun was chasing the moon and hence the name of this poem. I was struck by the awe of the red moon and its glory, but also the sun on t…
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Self Help

Photo by Beatriz PĂ©rez Moya on Unsplash Self Help books are everywhere. Instruction manuals for how we should care for ourselves. Why in this day and age do women need to be told to be taking care of THEMSELVES? Because we are the last person we take care of. We need our kids to thrive, our spouse to succeed, and ourselves to be burnt out at the end of the day. We struggle, we drag ourselves day to day, we are up first and to bed last, we are warriors who are cracking in their armor.  Today's world is full of ideas and tips on fast cooking, how to make our kids succeed, how to not procrastinate and how to self help ourselves. Why do we need to make spaghetti sauce from scratch? Why do we sew holes in items we could just toss away? Why do we clean and cook and drive everyone everywhere, but when it comes to taking self care into consideration we are lacking? We then buy books, dinners out, take classes on cooking, we do everything but again…

Music, Connection, & Us

Photo by Grant on Unsplash

Some say music can sooth the savage beast, but who is this beast? Music can sooth a dog,a cat, or a person. Both animals and people react to musics the same way we react to scents. Both affect us in different ways. When I want to relax I put on Lisa Lynn and listen to her strum her beautiful harp. Also some soft jazz helps me relax, but lately Christian music has been on my play list. There are so many amazing artists out there that I keep listening to more new to me people and am simply amazed the affect it has on my mood and heart.

While we are constantly checking our phones, our email, or whatever else is going on in this world of instant notifications, we need to slow down and realized all the damage this is doing to us. Some of us are now no longer able to relax at all. We used to linger after church and talk. We used to go to picnics with friends and talk. I have seen people at a place together, like eating out, and both texting each other or other peo…

Cozy Life

Photo by Alan Dasein on Unsplash

When winter settles into our skin, not only does our skin dry but so does our spirit. We are lack lusted out. We are cold, tired from so many hours in the dark, and the light in most of us has been snuffed out. Our moods are dark, our spirits diminished, and all in all, we stay in our pajamas and drink tea and do nothing else. 
Winter is our hunker down time, our hiding, or our hibernation. We tend to stay in more, we tend to keep to ourselves more and read. We like to pile on the blankets, drink the cocoa, knit or read, and we stay by ourselves. There is nothing wrong with any of the above, but spring is around the corner, yes even though half of the country is under snow.  
Now how do we emerge from our cacoon called winter? Winter needs to shed its darkness and dreary light. We need to unbundle, unburden, and dig ourselves out of our commas. Perhaps the light will stay longer soon, the snow will melt to mud season, and we can drink some lemonade and…

Winter Season Self Care

Ive noticed with winter here that life slows down and I wrote a little something about it that I want to share with you all.

Winter Season is in full swing. I find myself hunkering in. I find myself in PJ’s early, hot cocoa in hand, and books piled by my couch waiting for me to read and linger over. I’m in hibernation until Spring. I yearn to knit, to feel something with texture, to do a multimedia piece (even though I never have before), and I light candles like never before. I left up some twinkles to get me through to when the light returns and I live to just sit by twinkle and candlelight. It makes me happy and of course, there are tons of winter blankets all over the house so anyone can snuggle up anytime they want to. Winter to so many is a blecky season. It makes people depressed, it encases them in their home, it keeps them cut off from friends, family, and groups that they would normally be involved in. It is dark and dreary and sad to so many. Winter is an unha…

Sunday Interviews Now Sunday Stories

Good Sunday Morning to you all!

So our first interview is taking a little longer then we first thought while tackling this project. So I am sharing a Sunday Story with you. If you have been with me for awhile you may remember the Sunday series I used to run. I always tell you you can find me on Medium, but wanted to include one here too. So without further, well you know, here is one that is on Spillwords under Debbie Aruta.

Bali: I dream of Travel

With a recent writing prompt I went down a rabbit hole to Bali. I had a character who won a trip and first place that plopped into my head was Bali. Now I have never been and would love to go, but Bali? Not somewhere I went already, somewhere where I knew the place, people, customs, nope Bali.

Photo by Omer Rana on Unsplash I included the scenery in the story, the markets, the village, the house the character lived in and just about everything else I knew nothing about. My point is sometimes writing fiction is doing research. Sometime it is not the writing, but the writing with accuracy that matters. I love the lush landscape of the Bali countryside. The natural curves of the land are pure God's work. The being surrounded by water helps too.
Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash A house in Bali may have doors, but the house is pretty much open. The air is sweet to nap in, the temperature is perfect. The sun is not fierce to fry you, and its all around gorgeous for living. My character …