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Senoia to Woodsbury

All who wander are not lost. Have you heard that before? Of course you have. I love to wander. I am constantly researching day trips in Georgia. I love to see new things that this amazing state has to see. This is Starr's Mill in Fayetville Ga. A few years back we had a used book sale and one of the books I picked up was "Off the Beaten Path of Georgia." It contained within its pages so many new to me places and I scooped it right up and took it home to delve into it. It made my heart light to find new places to wander. I wanted to be able to go for a day and see things, but return home and not to need to stay in a hotel.

Starr's Mill is about an hour and forty five minutes from me. It is a little north of Senoia Georgia which I am in love with. It is a very cute town. I am not a Walking Dead fan but apparently they film there a lot. This mill reminds me of the one that my mom used to live next to in Clinton NJ.

This is the Clinton Mill in Clinton NJ. I apparently h…
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Writers Authenticity

Photo by Trent Szmolnik on Unsplash

There is an unwritten rule with writers in that we write authentically. By this I mean we write what we feel, we write what we know, and we do not lie to our readers. To be an authentic writer is magical. To hold a readers breath, to hold their mind in the palm of your hands, captivate them and transport them is a gift a great authentic writer holds.

As writers we are told a bunch of rules to write well. Starting at a technically correct grammatically standpoint to writing fiction is a big leap. While we strive to spell correct, punctuate correctly, and so forth unless the words also are authentic in meaning the writing will leave you flat.

My latest piece is The Lake of Bones

The definition of authentic is: of undisputed origin; genuine. Something that is true!

Many writers feel books come out in bursts. One season might be all thrillers selling, one might be all memoirs. Books seem to be published…

Summer is only a Date

Summer does not officially begin till almost the end of June, but in Georgia we start way earlier then that. The AC is on, the lightening bugs are out, and late nights by the fire are ALMOST coming to a close. The other night I spotted my first lightening bug and screamed for joy. I am so an 8 yr old little girl sometimes and for some reason those buggers bring me so much joy. I have noticed bees already too!

Pink also seems to be in the season. I notice cone flowers, peonies blooming, all sorts of pinks and this one above comes with a bee. Tis the season of flowers and bees and lightening bugs. My heart is light.
Even the peonies are pinks all around. Their color is so scrumptious if I could eat it up I would. Spring/summer in Georgia is filled with beauty. Filled with color and now lightening bugs.

Cherry Blossom season is past, but I have so many photos of them I am constantly reminded of their beauty.Their color against a blue sky makes me swoon. The trees are usually filled with …

Writing and Where to Find Me.

Photo by Loudge on Unsplash

Just popping on to say hello. I know a lot of you follow me on other web sites and I really appreciate it! I wanted to share a link to my story about suicide, depression, and connection. It is part truth, part fiction, and all of it is important. Mental health is barely talked about and it is time we bust the stigma associated with it up and talk openly about all of it.

My article for Coffee House Writers I believe is important to read. If you or someone you know is suffering give them the hotline at the bottom of the article. You or they are not weak in needing help. I believe asking for help is a sign of great strength. Saying yes I cannot do it alone is Okay. When we have a kid people help us, when we move people help us, when we do almost anything people are there, people are helping and we all could use more people and help.

Thank you in advance for reading it and I hope it helps you or someone …

Mental Illness and the Stigma

Photo by Cherry Laithang on Unsplash

I have known many individuals over the years who silently dealt with their mental illness and hid it from the masses. The shame, the guilt, the stigma of being marked as weak, all of these come along with saying I battle a mental illness. We make people suffering feel weak, we make them feel shameful and we do not support and lift up the ones battling depression like we would say someone dealing with cancer. No it is not the same thing,but both are an illness.

Each person you see is battling something. It could be a teenage child to a parent with dementia. We do not going around saying we are dealing with anything because we do not want to have pity. We do not want to have people value us less for having an issue to deal with, but we all have them. We all hide who we truly are sometimes so that others do not judge us, attach stigma's to us or anything else.

We are a whole person dealing with a p…

Standing with Your Tribe!

Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Recently I wrote a piece on relationships and losing one self. I ponder why we sometimes accept less then we deserve. We are happy so we don't deserve more? We had our fill for the year, so clearly we need to give our morals, our respect for ourselves, our life over to someone else and let them do what they want with it? You may think I am a bit crazy but let's look at your life.

You grew up with whatever beliefs and morals that were instilled into you by the adults you had it your life. Uncle Jack says, "Women should be like a good book, seen on a self, but never read (or heard) and you shut up when you had an opinions. Aunt Charlene said "Women should be beautiful so when they are seen the men can take pride in them." And you always look nice every time you are with your person and you sit quietly like a church mouse and never pipe up because that would be insulting to y…

Writing & When is Enough

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Writing for me came on like a bad itch that I could not scratch. I could not write well enough, use the right verb tenses (still struggling with this one), and never thought my imagery was good enough or the energy of my piece was palpable enough. Some writing pieces just had no heart, some had no voice, and some no pulse and they needed to be shot into the ozone of the recycle basket and immediately dumped into the ether world. Sometimes writing is a chore, sometimes it is a gift, but always it is necessary!

People ask me all the time how I knew I wanted to write. I earned my English B.A. in June of 2016, and we can say that gave me the gumption to write, but honestly didn't I just write for four years. Yes my writings were based off readings and research, but I was the one who's voice came through and I was the one who put all those millions (yes millions) of words together coherently an…