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Finals and a rest

So this past week was final week in college.Yes im 42 and recently started back at college,,never to old right. I really liked both my professors this semester and have to say,, I had to do a 7-10 page research paper recently and found I really loved doing it. I have not done a lot of writing and I realized I miss doing so.With that said my paper was on Susan Sontags On Photography book.If you have not read it or anything by her please sign off my blog,pull up Amazon and look her up.She is an amazing writer. Its not a technical f stop this or use this lens kind of book.She writes 6 essays in the book and she is so smart and well versed. You will love it I promise.Right now im on her In America and I recommend that too. Im sure ill recommend anything she ever wrote while she was alive.She is a Polish.Smart.Well educated.Amazing Woman!! I hope you are all having a great weekend. I went to a used book sale today and fell in love with vintage French books.Cant explain it,but I love them…

Homemade Swap

So I live in Warner Robins,GA and I love making homemade items.Bath products,breads,sewing,whatever!! And a friend of mine in Colorado goes to this swap once a month.Someone hosts a 2 hour pot luck.Everyone brings some food to share and everyone brings something to swap. Here is a link to the details

I really love this idea.Id be more then willing to host the first one. I can set up tables in my backyard and we can have a garden pot luck.Im looking for others who are local to participate. If you are interested please leave me a msg here or find me on flickr my nick is Debbsga or my etsy is
Contact me by flashlight if you need to,but id love to get this off the ground in our area. No money is needed. You barter after the first hour and you write your name down on a sheet if you are interested in something so the person knows what you wanna trade and who you are :D Sound like a good time? Hope to hear from you all soon :D

Life in a blur

Well hello all. Ive missed you and this space. I had an issue with forgetting my password and then when I got it time slipped away. I hope you are all well. How was your holidays? I am looking forward to Easter. I love the spring,white,bunnies,eggs,children at church hunting eggs. I just wanted to pop in and say im back.
Check out my shop if youd like and see what ive been up to and im offerring the first person who contacts me on my etsy a free print with a purchase of equal or lesser value. Buy a print say for $20 and get another $20 print free or a $10 or $15 one,,you pick. Come by and say hello I say first person but,if I get three peeps,ill do it for all 3 of you and share the love.

Hope all is well

PS put the name of the free print in a memo to me when you check out so you dont get charged for it and ill send you both prints :D