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Crisp Morning Air

Autumn isnt here fulltime,but in the mornings, the air is crisp. I so hope wherever you are you are doing well,enjoying the weather and watching the leaves. Much has been going on with me lately. I got a scholarship to a writers conference,been taking classes at school,learning to do more reports at work and a cat adopted us when he had a broke leg and is now my new inside cat. Polaroid has a new color film out that is dreamy and this is my first photo of Henry my kitty with the new film. Enjoy whats left of your Sunday and happy Autumn day to you all!! xoxoxo

a postcard from Georgia ,from me to you

Hello,,how are you? Wish you were here. Do you send postcards? I love to send them!!! and receive. I love getting mail with a hello,how are you in it,instead of just bills bills bills. I do hope as your Summer comes to and end you find life settling down again. I know for many its back to school. For the first time ever ,this year I have no kids in public schools. My daughter now attends college. *yes im that old*

Fall is coming!! School is back into swing. Crisp morning air is back ,,YEAHHHHH..still so hot down here in Georgia. I just wanted to ask,,,would you like to send me a post card and get one back? If you are in the US please leave a msg here. Id love some new friends to mail postcards too. And as Autumn creeps up on us...are you happy she is coming,,or sad Summer is leaving.

I hope you have a super night and enjoy the cooler temperatures.
God Bless

PS Wish you were here :D