Wandering Soul

I find myself recently thinking of traveling again. I love the newness of a place. I get bored with the old. I like learning new about new cultures and making new friends. I have one more year of college and then I am open to moving anywhere. I would love a job with writing of course as I am an English major, but I do not limit myself to that. I open my heart and soul to wandering.

I think if we stay around the same people too much we disappoint them. They are bound to get tired of us, or us them, at some point. Ive recently realize if we attach to someone, some place, or something we will eventually get hurt. Everything that has a beginning has an end. All relationships start and end. All our time in a place starts and ends. Nothing lasts forever. Buddhists say if you do not get attached to anything or anyone you will not be hurt. Easier said then done. Pfft!

I always thought my lack of attachment to people or places was a bad thing. If we go with the Buddhist's way then I am actually ok. I do not have a sense of attachment to people (other than my kids and others I love) I feel as if people come into your lives for a time being and go back out. Or we do that in their lives. I see every person brought into my life as someone to learn from. This person has something to teach me and when I learn it we will separate.

I feel no place is home. No state and no house or anything else. I feel that home is who I am with and what I feel in my heart. I feel my heart is the way to forge through this life of mine and following it, though it gets me in trouble a time or two, usually knows what I should be doing. I love to travel and see new things. It fills my soul up from my toes to my head. Traveling is pure magic dust sprinkled on life and forging into new terrain and advancing on what I learn about life. I feel different people have different ways of dealing with people based on their cultural beliefs.

Why do I have such a wandering soul? Honestly its a long story, but I learned early not to attach to people. This , at the time, I did not see as a gift, but what a gift it is. I love to travel, learn, experience new people, places, and things. I love to soar through the sky in a plane to new destinations where I will meet new and exciting people who have new things to teach me. I want to travel and see and learn and feel.

I have a gypsy soul for sure. I have a bohemian soul. I have a wandering soul. I used to think this made me the odd person out, but now I realize I am ok. I am seeking adventure, seeking the magic that accompanies travel. New languages, foods, medicine,books, and experiences. Having a wandering soul and lack of attachment is not a bad thing. As the Buddhists would say, I am enlightened. I am ok with that. I love magic in my life and I honestly think I could use some more of it.

This weekend I am hanging with some relatively new friends. I look forward to hanging out, movies, and hiking with them. This weekend will be filled with new adventures and new experiences with new people. This weekend we will accept each other and move forward in life together. I am thankful for these new(ish) friends and I look forward to new adventures with them. I cannot wait to see what they have to teach me about life. I am thankful for their support and non judgmental friendships.

For now my wandering soul is staying in Georgia, but I hope soon to wander away and never come back. I hope to wander and keep on wandering. I hope to seek out the magic that exists in the world when we completely abandon what we know to exist and break down walls in our hearts, so that we can accept new people into our hearts, minds, and lives.

May you always find the magic of wandering in your soul.
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  1. Thanks for joining Dreams Create and Inspire, I loved you Artl, thanks Maria

    1. Thank you Maria Brittis for connecting with me and telling me about it :D


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