When enough, enough, and when is it ok to say no? Photo Prompt 10 too!

So recently I have been thinking about my talents. I am pursing my writing career harder now then ever. I have been writing constantly,doing revisions, writing more poetry, and so forth. I have ventured onto Medium, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, and other social media sites. With the world seemingly spinning faster then ever, when is enough actually enough and it become OK to say no?

Social media obviously has its place in our lives. It is not leaving us anytime soon, so I feel it is time to say no more. I have seen swarm and other apps, even for my photography people tell me all the time to download more software for editing photos. I smile politely, say thank you, and never do it. Recently I have started just saying, "No thank you" to people. They look startled and cannot comprehend what I am saying. With a society so bent on getting more material goods, I can understand why they also need to get more social media.

I now have a stalker on my social media. I thought sharing parts of my life online was a good thing. People want to feel connected to their authors, but my boyfriend's ex wife has taken it to another level. She stalks me. She searches my social media to see if he is still with me. Now most of my social media is private. Enough is now enough. I have locked down so much of my life. Now it is acceptable for me to say no to social media. With the world spinning faster and social media growing by leaps and bounds, sometimes sharing is not a good thing.

My online presence is obviously not going anywhere. Especially with me writing more these days then ever before, but at what point do you draw the line, say enough, and say no? Each of us needs to decide how we will run our social media, but we all need to keep in mind who our audience is, and who may be stalking us for private info.

When we leave this earth, our social media remains. This blog post will be here, my photos will be online, I will leave a mark if only online ( though I hope offline as well ) Social media connects us to lost loves, to old friends, to family, but in the end is it worth it? I for one am ready to say no more. I have limited my sharing, my posts, my photos, and I feel strong enough to just say no!

Moonbeams Poem

This is my latest poem. I am a huge lover of the moon. I thrive at night. I write at night. I love the silence of the world in the darkness that lies outside my window. I will continue to share with you my writing as I write for you. I write my words into sentences, into paragraphs, into stories and poems for you my readers.

I hope this post has gotten you to consider some social media items that perhaps you have not before. I for one am saying enough and no thank you from now on. There is such a thing as to much info.

And now writing post 10. I cannot believe we are in the double digits already. This weeks photo prompt is:

 Have fun and write and yes share. Just maybe not on 50 sites. It is like supply and demand. If your words are out there on so many sites, perhaps they are not so much in demand anymore. Just a thought.

All my best
Your poet/storyteller


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