Melanie Witch Story: Part 2

The next part of Melanie's story!

Magnifying Mystical Creatures: Chapter 2

She opened her tiny magical silver box each morning. She eagerly awaited each night to see what it held for her. It produced a new surprise at dawn. The item that appeared was to be used for different spells, for different people, and even though she did not know the spell yet or the person it was to be used on, she knew the silver box was filled with magic just for her. It had been in her family for as long as she could remember. She yearned each night for the dawn to hasten. It never did. It crept along as if it was injured and had to crawl like an insignificant snail.
Upon the new day’s arrival she sprang to her silver box, her feet bare, in her black velvet robe, which was draped over her shoulders, and her hair flaring behind her. Her eyes wide with excitement of what would arrive in her silver box. She swiftly opened the box and gasped as her eyes gazed on an ornate antique silver magnifying glass which hung on an old worn silver tarnished chain. The magnifying glass was about an inch around and on the top it held an old antique silver medallion. The medallion had the most amazing cerulean and olive jewels encrusted in it. The medallion held her family’s crest on it. The crest is an old oak tree with a petite, white as snow alicorn flying above it. It was stunning. The medallion gleamed in the first light of the dawn as the sun peeked through a sliver in the long red satin curtains. The chain felt cold and awkward in her in hands. It was as if it had just arrived from another world and perhaps that world was wicked. She shuddered from the sudden chill that went through her whole body. She loved this new piece that had entered her world, but she wasn’t sure it belonged with her.
She walked slowly back into her dark and dreary bedroom. She had an ill feeling deep down in the pit of her stomach and needed to lie down a minute. She carefully wrapped the magnifying glass up in a piece of red silk and placed it gently into the armoire. It lay among the other items waiting their person or spell. That was the thing with receiving these items, she never knew what they were for until the moment she needed them.
The coldness would not leave her. She lie there, in her immense bed, shivering under her down comforter and wondered if she was getting ill or if the magnifying glass was making her ill. She tossed and turned, but finally drifted off into slumber. It was anything but a peaceful sleep. She dreamed of mythological demons. Sitri, one of the darkest demons, kept bursting into her dreams spiraling them into nightmares. She knew he was a spirit who was capable of getting women to bare their hearts and soul to him. She awoke with such a fright, she knocked her cat Griffin clear off the bed. Stunned he looked up at her from the floor where he landed feet first. The tears flooded out of her and he leapt back up to her and nuzzled her to still her apprehensions. She had no idea why the tears flowed out of her, but she knew it was connected to that magnifying glass somehow.
The next day she awoke and for the first time she did not want to open her silver box. She stayed in bed, in the dark and hoped it would not call to be opened. She tossed and turned and decided to get up. She busied herself with making her bed, straightening her room, petting Griffin, and anything else she could think up to avoid opening the box. Then she heard the silver box screech to summon her to open it. The cry sounded so horrific. She rushed into her living room and it felt as if they air was sucked out of it. She pushed herself forward to the box, opened the lid slowly, and the spirit of Sitri swirled around her. She knew the magnifying glass was malicious. She had a feeling about it. Now from her favorite silver box evil spilled into her living room trying to suffocate her.
She didn’t know how to stop this evil from filling her lungs, but her mind raced as she thought of anything possible to stop it. Just then her cat Griffin turned into a griffin with a snake like tail, the head and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion, and attacked the Sitri that was attacking his owner. The Griffin leapt at the mist, but went right through it. Dazed and confused he tried again, but still nothing. He looked at the silver box, leapt at that, knocking it off the mantle and into the fireplace. The mist started to recede, his owner seemed to be breathing again, and the air seemed to fill the room again.
She collapsed to the floor and the griffin went to her in one rapid leap. He stayed next to her, protecting her till she regained her strength. Hours later she tried to sit up and noticed Griffin observing her. All of a sudden he spoke to her. He asked if she was ok, and she did not appear surprised to hear his voice. She knew somewhere in her heart that he was her protector all along. He asked if she remembered anything from the past hours, she assured him it was currently morning and she had just come out to check the silver magic box. He watched her slowly stand and walk over the silver box. She was mesmerized when she looked down and saw it burning. Her heart broke. It was burning with what seemed to be a swirl of mist around it. She started to search for something to pull it out of the fire, but her griffin turned back into a cat and demanded to be pet. Meowing and meowing until she came to him and scratched his ears.
He might not always be around to protect her. He had been with her one thousand years already. He knew at this moment that she was his keeper for a while longer, but also he was there to watch over her and keep evil from entering her home. He knew he was a powerful griffin, but she, she was a magical influential witch. Together they would do immense magic in the world.

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