Miss Penelope the Sage Witch

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Chapter 22 Miss Penelope the Sage Witch        
Melanie awoke the next morning and Lucious had climbed into bed with her. He felt her stir in the bed and turned with tears in his eyes and said “Sorry Mommy.” Melanie scooped him up and told him there was nothing to be sorry for. Lucious knew in his heart that James would not be returning and felt responsible for it. Perhaps his magic drove them apart he thought, but Melanie assured little Lucious that life had a way of working itself out and that all was ok. They both went into the kitchen for breakfast. Griffin jumped up on the counter to eat with them. Melanie placed the cat food a few feet away from her and Lucious. They were a family. They were all they needed. They were content until a loud thump came from the living room. Melanie ran over to see what that brash noise was and saw the birdcage uncovered and rolling around again. She swore that thing needed to go and ran to it. She noticed it seemed to be wiggling in pain. She took the sheet all the way off of it and found a large black feather in it. She carefully reached in and took it out. She cage stopped rolling and seemed to sigh in relief. Melanie had received nothing from this birdcage except Lucious name on paper many moons ago. She held the tall black feather in her hand. She examined it front and back. She looked for words on it or something to give her a clue and then she saw it. Her hand was bleeding and it was sucking it up. Melanie gasped and dropped it immediately. It was dark magic that sent it to her. It was dark magic seeking her bloodline. She opened her hefty hand carved Irish wooden box on the mantle and placed it in there. She then used the lock on it for the first time and locked it up. She had no idea where the key lay, but she felt safe in saying that feather was not leaving the box ever. Melanie’s hand began to sting. Something had seeped into her hand while it made her bleed. It took her blood but also deposited something in it. Melanie knew she had to call her mom and call her NOW! She raced to the phone; her mom told her what the feather was. It came from dark magic and she had no idea how someone would use her own birdcage against her, but that she needed to do a purging spell and quickly before the liquid went through her whole body and she lost her magic. Melanie and her mom began to chant the spell. Melanie fell in pain to the ground. She kept chanting. She knew the liquid was not fighting the spell for her magic. Melanie saw Lucious watching her. He was now three, but she heard him also chanting the spell. He heard her and grandma saying it and he joined in. Within minutes Melanie was back on her feet and she was purged. Her son saved her. Melanie’s veins were filling up with black liquid and Lucious little voice included in the family spell saved her. She was astonished. She told her mom what had happened and she was pleased with her grandson and how he was advancing in his magic. Melanie hung up the phone. Then she hugged her little man tight. She knew she was his protector, but perhaps now he was hers as well. Griffin just rubbed her leg and walked by content with how everything turned out. 

Melanie walked back over to the birdcage and it was smoldering. It seemed to have been affected by the black magic as well. She patted it, made sure no sparks were coming from it, and she covered it and placed it gently back in the corner. She was going to have to be on guard again. She was barely home from Ireland and something evil was brewing. She did not know of any other immense dark force, but clearly, someone or something was underfoot and Melanie needed to be ready. She did not want to be taken off guard again. She and Lucious finished eating, washed up for the day, and decided to go visit a very old sage witch friend. Perhaps Penelope would have some answers for them. Lucious seemed to have his own questions to ask. Even though he was three, he was smart beyond his years, and she treasured his wisdom. If she did not ask the right question, or he still had some, Penelope would know he was becoming a master witch and would answer her son’s question too.  They headed out of their place to walk to Penelope’s apartment which was about a mile away. The fresh air would do them good. Coffee Bean was on the way, so they would stop there to get some goodies for Penelope and them to eat while they talked later at Penelope’s apartment. 

Once at Penelope’s, she could detect the concern within Melanie’s eyes. She also saw remnants of evil in her eyes. She worried about Melanie and Lucious but was happy they were with her now in her protected home. They sat and drank coffee and let Lucious play. They caught back up and Melanie told Penelope about her and James being done. Penelope told her that being a witch and raising one was a lone business. James, as understanding as he was, would never let her truly be her full self or Lucious be his either. That they needed all their collective energy placed on learning the craft and being able to develop further alone into the magical mystical world. Penelope held Melanie’s hand while the loss of James washed over her again. They sat and just watched Lucious for a while and neither said a word. Lucious knew questions would be answered soon and just sat and played for now.


Melanie was next for asking her questions. Melanie seemed to have a hundred questions walking over here, but Lucious question took her off guard and she had not regained her composure. Penelope sensed that and asked Melanie if she would like a cup of tea. Melanie replied “Yes please” and appreciated Penelope changing the topic. Penelope made the tea and brought it to Melanie in the living room where it was a little less formal. They were old family friends, but Melanie was a bit apprehensive about her questions. Penelope sat down and talked of old world folklore’s and mystic creatures she heard of, but never have seen for her own self. Melanie finally sat back on the couch and relaxed. They were two old friends talking. Melanie let everything flow past her lips. She talked of the battle, cried again for the loss of her grandmother, told her of the birdcage and evil that grasped at her to engulf her into the darkness, and Penelope just listened and nodded. She knew the Kellyn women had been through a lot over the generations and Melanie was no exception. Melanie cried for all she lost, cried for her struggle with being a single mom, cried that her son could freeze time like her, and vented about everything she could to Penelope. Once Melanie was exhausted and Penelope could tell she was done, Penelope asked: “So what it is that you seek from me?” Melanie exhaled and for the better half of an hour, she tried to explain her need of wisdom for their future to deter the darkness from attacking. Melanie needed a better grip on her life before she had a nervous breakdown. Penelope knew just the thing to tell her!

Penelope handed Melanie a book. In the book was a purification spell. Melanie would need to clean house so to speak; both literally and figuratively. She would need to go through room by room purifying it and reclaiming her home. She would need to reclaim her peaceful life without evil lurking in every dark corner. Melanie nodded at Penelope demonstrating she understood. This was not one aspect of her life darkness was after, but her whole life. Melanie thanked Penelope, grabbed her boy, and headed home to purge and purify.
Melanie got home and grabbed her earth-friendly cleaning products. She had put Lucious down for his nap and she had the cleaning supplies ready to go to battle. Melanie stood next to her kitchen counter and took a few deep breaths like Penelope had said to do. She was to center herself, gain her balance again. She was to think of the energy she wanted in their home. She was to think of her and her son happy, balanced, and only focus on that. She struggled to focus, but she knew she had to. She took a few more deep breaths and breathed over her cleaning products. She wanted a clean home, a happy home, and a safe home. She implored those energies and feelings into her cleaning products. She was going to clean the evil away. She grabbed her products and began humming. She was putting positive energy and light into their home. She was spreading it into every nook and cranny. She filled their home with love, safety, and reclaiming their home as theirs. She cleaned door frames, picture frames, and floors. She went to items around the house. She even uncovered the birdcage and cleaned it and recovered it. She moves through her home with happiness in her heart. After a few hours of this, the home sparkled. She felt lighter. When Lucious awoke he seemed happier too. He bound right into the living room to play without hesitation of any darkness or evil lurking. Melanie had successfully purified their home with purging it. Just to make sure she sprinkled a few places with some lavender for comfort. She now was satisfied and played with her son.

Hope you all are loving her story as much as I do.
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