Photo prompt 6

So it is that time again for your next photo prompt to get you writing. Each week I do a photo prompt with a group and I wait for inspiration from the photo.I wait for it to unveil a poem or a short story or what it wants me to write. I wait. Why? Why do I need it to tell me? This week I decided I'm writing a  short story about it. I am not waiting for inspiration. Why as writers do we wait till we are in the mood to write, why do we wait for inspiration, or why do we simply not accept we are good writers and just begin.

This week's photo prompt is:

It is a panorama of the beach and ocean and sun. It is stretched, wrinkled in time, and manipulated by the camera. (those are all hints on writing,,stretched, wrinkled, manipulated )

As a writer, take the photo, make it yours, choose your words wisely, and write. You do not need my permission, you need your own to begin.

I hope you are enjoying your weekly writing prompts. I am certainly enjoying being part of your writing journey.

Now go write!!

your storyteller/poet


  1. What a fantastic way to inspire writing prompts! I love photo! Thank you for sharing at Party in Your PJs!

    1. Thank you Heather. I think a photo says a thousand words and this way the prompt inspires a thousand words from writers :D


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