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Be Thankful

Welcome November! I open my arms and welcome you to my life. I am ready to slow down..To be thankful.To live life a little fuller and realize as much as I say life sucks sometime,that I actually have it pretty good.Im not homeles. Im not jobless. I have a family who loves me.Friends! and all in all a pretty good life indeed! As the holidays approach we tend to get more and more involved.wrapped up,less time. We take on way to much and try to get it all done. Within the last few years I have cut out a lot of the running around. I take more time to bake.To go out. To enjoy life!!As this thankful month is now here..what  in your life are you thankful for? What can you cut out to slow down,enjoy it and really have a grateful heart

Ive included a November calendar for you :D enjoy it and remember to be thankful every single day you are alive!!