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Life Paths; enjoying the journey

So first off, I have added Creative Writing as a minor to go with my BA in English im working on. I am taking my first class and its my favorite. I fell in love and fell in love hard. Yesterday we did a peer workshop where I read a poem and then sat and could not speak while others said things about it. Thanks to another professor I'm part of a writing group and I now do not turn beet read when people critique me. I mean even a few months ago, many of you didn't even know I wrote. *shocker coming,sit down to read hahaha* I am working on my first short story.!! I do not have much time to work on it with four classes, but I do so love when I get into the flow and the story unfolds. I do not know about many other authors,but for me, the story unfolds as I write it. I do not have the whole thing in my head before hand. There is a Crossroads Writing conference coming up and I am all up for donations to send me :D *hint hint* I went last year and  let me tell you, it was great to ta…

Sadness & Pop

Sat while I was at church and got a call from my son," mom pop passed away" I couldn't believe it,, its a long story , he had major issues after a surgery he should have died from. He made it another 10 weeks. Yesterday we had the funeral for him. He was my father in law always, even tho im divorced from his son. He has the biggest heart, the most commitment to Christ and ran the blood drive for his church and made it into the biggest one around. I could go on, but that is not what this post is about. I wanted to say this, I apologize for dropping the ball on the Saturday Post and we will do it again this Sat. Pick a work you are currently writing,, 5 lines and upload it in the comments. I also dont mind if you plug yourself and put your web link in there too. Life is short, write long ;)

Cameras and funerals. One of those do I  or dont I, but I did and just wanted to say this private moment we all had before the service of prayer for us the family and for pop.

The seco…

2nd Saturday Post

Its almost that time again,,, 5 lines from the current work you are writing right now. Leave it in the comments,,ill add it to the blog on Sunday. And feel free to include your blog url or website that you have,Im on with sharing and connecting us writers :D

Write on!!

Saturday Posts,,,,,come join in the fun

from Tina

TinaAugust 10, 2013 at 5:39 AM
From Book Four in the Tai Randolph/Trey Seaver series (as yet untitled):

I was a creature coddled in the salt marsh, cradled in the briny sweet-smelling Low Country where the southeastern part of Georgia curled and crept into the Atlantic. Winters there were mild and smelled of clean pine and the ocean. Atlanta was different -- the cold here had roots. It lay low in the upland mountains, deep within the granite, and then it slinked down into the city where winter days could be as clear as a diamond, and just as sharp.

Thanks for letting us share, Debbie! you can click on her in the comments from the last post if youd like to say hello and here are my five lines,, a story I just started,,no title yet Ive always wanted to travel West. He never saw a reason to leave the East.I said it would be an adventure. He pointed out life with me was enough of one and he didnt need to pay to travel to have more. We signed the papers yesterday and today …

Saturday Post

please leave a comment today with five lines from something you are writing :) I look forward to reading your writings and I'll post mine tonight. :) Happy Saturday and happy writing :)

Saturday Post

don't forget to comment anytime Saturday with five lines from your work you are writing now.  first five.  last five. any middle five.  pass it on and can't wait to see what you are working on :)

another night slips by

So once again,,its 12:10 AM and im awake. Im starting to think I need to move to the city that never sleeps, NYC. Im not so much on the city life tho. I wouldnt mind a country home,with a wrap around porch and living the life of taking photos on the farm,,working it and writing about it,,while I turn around and make pies :)

Recently I wondered,,Am I looking for anything in life or am I happy? I feel myself wanting more out of life. I long to be more. I am a single momma, I am going to school this semester fulltime. I work my butt off at anything I put my mind to, but am I still searching. You know the saying when you are young,,what do you want to be when you grow up? Im my grandma's time , women got married and kept a home. In my moms time, some wives worked while others raised a family. And now in my time, Ive done the married, the job, the raising the what do I want out of life?

I am an artist. I love adventure. Today while taking an assessment test, I was told my id…

La Famillia

Family is so importatnt. My family is up north and I havent been able to get up to see them in a few years. Now with losing my job, im pretty much not going up this year either. My sis tho said she might come down in the fall with one of my nieces and stay with me :) She misses me as crazy much as I miss her. The top photo is me and my son. I look about 16, but I was 21 and married 3 years and one day hahahaha. He melted into my arms after a nap at day care and you can feel the love in it. I think it was taken about 1991.

The second photo is my son a little more then two ,so prolly 1993. We were home staying with  my mom,waiting on his daddy to come stateside. We left a few months earlier as my job was done and I was done with Germany. Four years and I was ready to see my family and to come home. Chris just adores his grandma. She right back at him. My mom recently had her 67th b day. She was diagnoised with cancer over 10 yrs ago to live 4 months. Im glad she is cancer free and sti…