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End of the Season called 2015

As we close another year and we reflect on what we learn I challenge you to not find where you went wrong or you think your body is wrong,but to concentrate on what you can do to be present in 2016.

Maybe we are good. Maybe we are perfect the way we are. Our legs arent to big,,our bottom is good, our minds are clear, and we can focus on bigger things in 2016.

One of my friends told me once that I was the stone that started the ripples, so here I am on my blog starting a ripple. Maybe in 2016 we can be of better service. Maybe we can strive to spread kindness, Maybe we can serve others, maybe we can stop complaining about something and be our own stone starting something to fix what you are complaining about. Everyone says they are just one person, but wasnt it Martin Luther King JR. , wasnt it Rosa Park, George Washington, and so on and on and on, that started something.  Great movements, items, things, start with that one person.

Maybe you can look into serving in a local soup kitche…

Relationship Connections

There are different kinds of connections we can make. We can make professional connections. We can make friendship connections. We can make relationships of all kinds of connections, but the one I am talking about is the deep rooted love kind. Love and its connected-ness to us.

Being in love, loving someone, (any kind of someone ) is an amazing thing, but how you connect is key to making that relationship work. When your partner touches your hand you feel you have this connection that is deeper than the people who see it. When you are hugged or caressed by your partner you feel instantly happy, connected, and that perhaps you two share a secret no one else can hear. When our significant other touches us in anyway, we feel connected. There is a bond that love builds between two people that only they can feel. If i touch a friends shoulder they do not feel the same as the person who are are in a relationship with.

Connecting on a deeper level is important to our well being. We want to f…