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Writing Advice

I have been writing words for many moons. I have put together sentences into paragraph after paragraph for years. I am at a place where I can help others with the knowledge I have collected. I have taught writing workshops and have work shopped numerous peoples pieces in writing group settings. I have lead a writing group and have been writing for years.

Recently I have found a space for my voice on I am currently hunting down freelance writing jobs. I write in this blog, I used to write for, and now I write short stories, poetry, and memoirs. Writing is something that is in my blood and as they say, "We bleed all over the page". I find bleeding all over my metaphorical page is therapy for my soul. I feel so many things so deeply and cannot express them in normal conversations. I find myself filled with words of a poem or short story that would express how I feel. My voice needs to come out and it does not matter if those words are shared or not…

Writing Prompt 11 and What's New

Hey all,
I hope Autumn finds you enjoying apples, leaves, crisp air, and everything else associated with Fall.It is such an amazing time of year. There is a change coming, a coolness, darkness falls earlier, and we turn inward to spending time just at home with our families and friends. I love that about the season. Not only are there physical changes, but people respond in different ways. We each move through this earth with different agendas, beliefs, and other items. I think what matters most is that if someone needs us we are there for them not based on what we will gain, but in what we will be to them. We could be a friend they need to listen, to help, to give a lift to, to help weed a garden, or just about anything. What we get is joy from helping. We accomplish something for someone else without any regard for reward.

In any relationship it is a give and take. Recently I have been thinking if you do one that the other then the scales tip in your relationship. ( I am a Libra, we…

When enough, enough, and when is it ok to say no? Photo Prompt 10 too!

So recently I have been thinking about my talents. I am pursing my writing career harder now then ever. I have been writing constantly,doing revisions, writing more poetry, and so forth. I have ventured onto Medium, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, and other social media sites. With the world seemingly spinning faster then ever, when is enough actually enough and it become OK to say no?

Social media obviously has its place in our lives. It is not leaving us anytime soon, so I feel it is time to say no more. I have seen swarm and other apps, even for my photography people tell me all the time to download more software for editing photos. I smile politely, say thank you, and never do it. Recently I have started just saying, "No thank you" to people. They look startled and cannot comprehend what I am saying. With a society so bent on getting more material goods, I can understand why they also need to get more social media.

I now have a stalker on my social media. I thought …

Impromptu Day & Writing Prompt 9

Greetings all. I have been away travelling so please forgive my tardiness on prompt 9. First, let me say life has and always will surprise me !! I used to be a big planner. I would print the maps off the computer in case the phone or internet went down. I would pack a smaller cooler with water bottles for a day trip just in case. I planned snacks for a 2-hour drive. Yep, I was that person. Now there is nothing wrong with being that way, but I noticed as I got older that something in me has changed. I no longer care to plan. I was the only one who worried about these things and the rest of my family just was along to have fun.

So yesterday we set out to go to a festival that well is next weekend. My bad. So on to plan B, but I didn't plan, so we went to an animal rescue place next, On the way, we found a festival like the one we were trying to go to. We continued onto the animal place, then found a garden to explore, and then we went to this festival.

An unplanned trip turned into …