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New Year, New Word, New attitude

Evening all,tho Its almost midnight,so good morning also. With the new year fast approaching, have you thought of your word? a word to describe your 2013 life. Something to say who you are,what you want to do with yourself, or what you want to accomplish?

My 2012 word WAS survive. 2011 was not a kind year for me. I had a friend ,who I never met offline, tell me to change my word. At first I was like who does she think she is,but she was right. Survive was not all I wanted  for myself for 2012. So she suggested I change it to THRIVE!!

I change it and notice my attitude for 2012 also changed. I worked my ass off to THRIVE. I sold more art. I was part of a group photographer show and then had my own. I got into honors at college. I became manager of the place I work in. I made jewelry and made money off of it. When someone said would you like to? I answered with a YES!! I changed my attitude and my year changed too. I also got up at open mic night and read my poems. To my surprise peopl…

Merry Happy Holidays


I hope this time of year finds you surrounded by loved ones,loved animals,loved friends.
No matter how you celebrate do it with love,,give it out,pay it forward. With what just happened in CT. we need more then ever to pay it forward,,pay for the persons meal in the car behind you,take in your neighbors trash can, share joy and smiles with everyone you meet. *THIS MY TOWN SHOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION* The holidays seems to make everyone in this large town ,,GRUMPY. Come on people, he is the reason for the season and I sincerely believe he wouldn't want us yelling at each other,holding each other up at gun point *two places in town now where I've heard that,one at my daughters work which scares me to death* We need to give,love,show kindness. Help someone carry packages and DON'T STEAL THEM. Smile at someone even tho they look mean, maybe they are just having a bad holiday. Depression is a huge problem at this time of year. More suicides t…

buttercups and barefoot

So today was final number one. Im amazed I even made it to it. Ive been sick since friday night and on some kick germ drugs. With that said,, it is what it is and I let go of it. So what do I do,but of course WRITE!

So a few more little poems to share with you. For you see, I am poem crazy.


the buttercups blew in the wind and took my mind along
buffalos stomped in the dark corners of soul
Winds howled and I heard my voice.
the kitchen crept into my heart

I could hear the mice playing near
every prairie turning and turning by
Sun dipping behind the dancers.
Leaping ,frollicking, playing in my mind

Learning to leave my windowsill open
our lives forevermore entwined

Poem #2 Barefoot

my barefoot soul came to me in a dream
floating along clouds of green
my sould called out to the moonlight

I wrestled to hear my breathe again

I was gone inside to rest
words floated by, but I could not speak
I was sadly adrift
my mind as soft as a feather and could not think

I leave you with this…

Brrr its cold out and a new poem

Hey all,
Its getting chilly here in Georgia. Well chilly for Georgia standards. Im originally from NJ and hello cold is not till AFTER its well below freezing,you are waiting outside with wet hair and your boots are soaked with snow in 2 seconds. I hope this post finds you all snuggle warm in your homes and enjoying some great hot cocoa. Wednesday night is the lighting of the Rockefeller tree in NYC. Now being a "Joisey gal" I can say that its not the holiday season till you have seen the tree be lit. Its a big honor to have your tree picked. They shut down roads to get it into the city (like there isnt enough traffic) and it takes a lot of man power and cranes to get it into place safely. There is an hour long show,,some great music, but in the end BAM!! tree is lit and Holidays can begin!!! So Happy Holidays from my little space in Georgia and with all that rambling a few little poems.

Poem #1
I wandered in the woods today.
the sounds that nature made,
were so peacful.

a Time of thanks

In American we celebrate Thanksgiving. a Day set aside for us busy , multi tasking, insanely busy Americans. We are so busy keeping up with so much,so many people,thoughts,money,kids,shopping.
In America we need a day set aside to breathe. This should tell us all something is wrong. Why it is more then ok to celebrate Thanksgiving, I do believe maybe we need to do it more often. Maybe instead of keeping up,we need to slow it down. I have learned to say no to things, I have cut out activities. I have made  new ones with my daughter and enjoy them so much more. We spend more time together doing whatever. She recently asked if we could decorate together this year for Christmas. It warmed my heart. So this weekend, before our finals at College (yes we both go to the same college) , we have decided to take 3 days to decorate. Bake cookies, play games and be goofy. I hope you all are taking the time needed to be thankful for your lives daily. Its not about the TV you got $30 off, its not ab…


a new poem,,all rights are mine and this poem may not be used in whole or part without my written permission


the night was camouflaged in fear.
Silent rain fell near and far
Our minds played tricks,
like seeing a sign in tea leaves.

we saw the river floating by
Dreams drifted by, hearts floated on
Suicide was our friend
the night came to close us in

rain made our bodies swell
Minds shrunk by all our hope
the rains came down and washed us away
No one cared that we were gone.

so im going to try and get someone to respond

write a poem titled : who Am I?
use your area,your accent, your friends, everything that makes you who you are...

so something like   who Am I?
a mother, sister, aunt
I love from my soul
to share a hug is a dream

and whatever you want,but come on and share with me :D
I know someone out there writes :D

have a super day

a Sneeze of Joy

Poem by me and may not be used or in whole without written permission by me. With that said, I dont know if you are out there, I dont know if you look at my blog,but I have another poem ive been working on and wanna share with YOU!!

a Sneeze of Joy

Three times ,
a sneeze of birds
flew out a tree
then flew back in.

the breeze could not be seen,
it did not shake them out,
nor blow them back in.
But there sudden movement made me shout
again,again again!!

Three times,
a sneeze of birds flew out a tree,
circled twice, then
flew back in.

I did not see a breeze to shake them out,
nor any to force them back in,
but their sudden movement made me shout with joy
Again Again Again.

Hope you like it and wish you a wonderful Saturday night xo

Feeling Yellow

How do you feel like a color? Its a sense you feel,something inside. I feel somber today. Lonely,even tho im never alone. EVAH!! This flower is full of mystery,petals,life,love. I feel like the plant today.

Hope you had  a super tuesday. Still no comments,but I know you are out there. How are YOU today?

Hugs if you need them

Writing Marathon

This past friday I was able to take part in my first ever writing marathon. What is a writing marathon you might be saying, well its where a group of people agree to meet,write and read. At the end of the reading all you say is Thank you for Sharing. No comments other than that!

I was in a group of three and one was an English major, One was not. It was neat to see how each processed their writing and what they thought of their own writing after it was over. I was also interviewed by the college about what I thought about the whole adventure. You have a route and a list of spots to stop and write for 10-15 min each time.

I really enjoyed it all and made some new friends. I wrote poetry of course. One of the poems I wrote was titled Storms and well you can see what its about... here it is


Thunder, bumping,rolling right
Laughing, bumping through the night.
Sit and watch the world turn round.

Flashing Loudly, when we see a sound.
Bright as day,but dark as night.
Yearning to be n…

Blood ..a poem by me :D

This is a poem by me and can not be used in part or whole without my written permission. With that said, October is Halloween time, but I did not write this for the Holiday. I wrote it awhile ago but think it fits it really well, so here it goes..


There is blood on the Moon,

around the pale moon light.

Troubles coming,so they say.

Circle once and come on back.

The Darkness likes this time.

Deep magenta against the white.

Troubles coming late

Watch your soul,

for hours are here,when you will Just disappear

Pain and Suffering is our friend but, Bitterness; she is with us to the End.

Troubles coming,so I see

Blood and white mix in the night.

Reaching out to eat your soul

Lock away your pain tonight

Troubles coming with a fright!!

Grabbing, reaching,so you will see,

your pain is not all that is to be.

Pain will eat you this is true, but troubles coming after YOU!!!


This weekend I was lucky enough to have earned a scholarship to the writers conference in Macon,GA
I got to meet many authors and publishers and other wonderful people.I learned about THEIR way of writing and thinking about it. I learned to write what you love,which I do anyways,but felt better for them having said it. So I write poetry. This is my safe space in the world and I dont ever get comments left ,so I dont even know if anyone will read it,but with that said,here is my first poem to share with you~~

All out of Faith

you calm my storm.
    you steal my heart &
take my Breath away
    you are the glue to

The Peace in my serenity.

I love you, from the deepest
darkest places

in my soul.

I hope you like it and I hope you have a great tuesday. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think :D

Thanks in advance

Crisp Morning Air

Autumn isnt here fulltime,but in the mornings, the air is crisp. I so hope wherever you are you are doing well,enjoying the weather and watching the leaves. Much has been going on with me lately. I got a scholarship to a writers conference,been taking classes at school,learning to do more reports at work and a cat adopted us when he had a broke leg and is now my new inside cat. Polaroid has a new color film out that is dreamy and this is my first photo of Henry my kitty with the new film. Enjoy whats left of your Sunday and happy Autumn day to you all!! xoxoxo

a postcard from Georgia ,from me to you

Hello,,how are you? Wish you were here. Do you send postcards? I love to send them!!! and receive. I love getting mail with a hello,how are you in it,instead of just bills bills bills. I do hope as your Summer comes to and end you find life settling down again. I know for many its back to school. For the first time ever ,this year I have no kids in public schools. My daughter now attends college. *yes im that old*

Fall is coming!! School is back into swing. Crisp morning air is back ,,YEAHHHHH..still so hot down here in Georgia. I just wanted to ask,,,would you like to send me a post card and get one back? If you are in the US please leave a msg here. Id love some new friends to mail postcards too. And as Autumn creeps up on us...are you happy she is coming,,or sad Summer is leaving.

I hope you have a super night and enjoy the cooler temperatures.
God Bless

PS Wish you were here :D


Do you remember when going to Goodwill or Salvation Army was taboo? People thought down of you,less of you,thought oh poor person with no money. I thrifted then and I still thrift now. I love it!! Its a treasure hunt when you go. Yesterday I found some gems. More sheets that I loved. One with white with Chinese symbols here and there on it. One matched the bottom sheet I bought last week there. My gems tho were a crochetted blanket and a new to me Polaroid. It amazes me how many people give away Polaroids. I dont think they know new film is available now. I even got asked to teach at two different studios about Polaroid, Film and the new process.  I love the feel of Polaroids. My new header is all Polaroids from a recent trip to South Carolina. Ive never been to Charleston and as we were going to Savannah to look at a college,my daughter and I took a little side trip and explored Charleston. I fell in love hard. I was giving weird  looks by a lot of people when I pulled out my Polaro…

Its a Monday

oh its a monday. I hope you are all having  a good day. I just wanted to pop in and sat... August 3rd Im having my first photography show just for me. If you are in the Warner Robins, Macon, Ga area please come.
Its at the 567 club from 6-9 on cherry street. I have different photo types. I did some polaroids,which my new banner is, I have some 120 film photos, some 35 mm ones and some TTV's. ( Through the Viewfinder)
Its where you use an old Argus or that type of camera and you shoot a digitial with what you see in the Argus.

Its going to be quite the scene. Photos have been taking with my 60D, Argus, Holga and Sx-70. I really think after this I might consider doing a class to teach some skills,cameras and editing.

Think im at that point :D

Have a great monday!! oxoxoxo

and do tell me,,whats your passion???
Life is fulled with little tiny moments that make it all worth while.
Last night I took myself on a date to a concert and was not disappointed.
Ive been divorced 10 yrs and with no guy on the horizon, I date myself.
And please I do it better then any guy could hahahah

We need to enjoy all the moments,cause while the large ones are amazing. If we sit and wait
daily for the large ones,life will be disappointing. Enjoy the smaller moments. Photograph
them and then,,here is the key PRINT THEM OUT!! dont let them sit on your hard drive waiting
to be lose. Print them out,,you know those old books they used to sell to put photos in,,
NEWS FLASH they still make them!! go buy some and print print print. Years to come you will look
back at all the smaller moments and enjoy them all!!

god bless,have a great sunday and I give you permission to snap away!!!
Debbie :D

Greetings again all,

I hope Summer finds you happy,well and relaxed. Im taking a Summer college class and almost done. Im hoping to be able to pull off a town hula hooping night in the fall for our town and my photography show is coming up next friday.


Why do you tease me with your sun and heat?
Why do you burn me up the minute I walk outdoors?

Fun time, lightening bug time.
Late nights out on the porch time.
Walks and book time with lemonade time
mixed in!!

Summer, why do you tease me so?
Shinning down and so so happy.
Chasing out the cobwebs of the Winter.
Running after each other and playing together.

Play time, tag time, Hula hoop time.

Its Summer, wont you come play with me ?


Im taking another Enlgish class in the fall. Im looking forward to writing again. Reading more books and Im almost a Jr now in college. By the time im 46 I hope to have that English degree under my belt.

I hope summer finds you relaxing. Lemonade is always being made at my house. I love to roll t…
Love! I think Robert Browning said it best when he said

Love me sweet, with all thou art,
Love me in the lightest part,
Love me in full being.

Thats part of a poem titled a mans requirment.

Love is a tricky part. Does he like me? should I love him?
Pride comes into play. Well im not going to be the one
to do or say anything.

Love,,,its puzzling. You reach out  to find no one there.
You love with all your might and your heart breaks.

It hits the ground and shatters into a thousand pieces.

Love,,,,you make me wonder love. Would you love me
just for me? with all my faults? with all my closed off heart?

people fall into love,,out of love,back in love,,

we love family,friends and a special someone.
we love ice cream,fireworks,picnics.

Life is a very complicated thing and then you add Love.
Sometimes I think its just a bad four letter word.

In the End,, I love LOVE and hope one day to be in love again.

How about you?

I love boardwalks,piers,the ocean,the sand,shells…
This time of year in Georgia is Hot HOT HOT!!! Its the time we end up staying inside and hibernating till the heat is gone,which usually means October. Recently it hasn't been so bad. Tho 98 when I type this. By June the heat is unbearable,but recently I went and took myself on a little Polaroid Photo walk. I start classes again next week for Summer term and will miss having extra time for photo walks. I cant wait till Autumn. Come on Autumn you can do it!!

Here are a few of my photos from my photo walk.
1) you should know I love Polaroid,always have,always will.

2) Gandhi said to be happy and content you must do one thing at a time,well Gandhi im a multi tasker to the hilt!

3) I love Georgia ,but as I get older I can certainly do without this heat and for that matter, I can not understand why people move to Florida to retire. I have lived there twice in my life and im happy with not ever going back.

4) Im a single mom, a full time office manager and I attend college at night. I r…
There are days and then are DAYS!! You all know what I mean. I'm having a hard time with a certain person in my life. I'm not myself around him because he didn't seem to like that person anymore. I never change for anyone and realized that I was at the breaking point and needed to be me. I never change for anyone, why start now?  I'm a loud robust Italian. I love life,I love to love, I love to spoil and most importantly I love to cook!!! Yeah i'm an Italian. When the world and people are so judgmental its a shame more people aren't themselves. We tend to scale back ,but I am  a passionate person and this world is just going to have to live with it. I am single,have been for closing in on a decade now. Id love to find that one,but honestly my life doesn't revolve around that. I'm happy. My life is busy,full and wonderful. In this world where we all bend to please,is it worth losing ones self to be what everyone else wants. Why do we sort change ourselve…
So this past week I have been involved in helping get the word out about children and vaccines. You can go to Tracey's web site and check it out and support ,financially, the cause! Every child should have access to vaccines.  We all shared our mug shots for the week. I even made explore on Flickr and got over 1800 hits in one day!! Come make a pledge,share the word and pull up a mug!


time seems to slip away
words float by and I miss having time to say them
outside goes on as nothing is wrong
inside we know the problems and pain
here today I make this vow,
I shall ignore the inside
so its definitely Spring and has been for a while here in Georgia.We have the biggest bumbles ever!!! Usually I dont worry about shooting and being stung. Im way back with my long lens,but with these guys,,lordy look out!!!

Ive been learning to write better poetry.So far Ive met 3 authors and have been invited to next years writing conference . Im super excited!@!!@!@! So one guy said,"if you wanna write better poetry ,you need to READ more poetry." Hence the huge pile of books. half I own now and half I got from the library. Im really enjoying the learning process of writing better. Ive also been told I need to add Creative Writing to my degree as a minor.We shall see about that.

I hope you are all well.I hope Spring has spring for you all!!
God Bless
Debbie :D

Life Liberty and pursuit of anything you want

Lately ive been writing and learning to write. Im working on my poetry and learning more and more how to do it with an easy flow. We are on Spring break from college right now (and work as our phone system is down)
So I find myself reading. Enjoying the evening light as its light so late now. I enjoy lighting the candles to light the way to my home. I hope you are well.What are you liking,reading,or doing these days ?

Society6 uploads

uploaded some new work in the last few days and wanted to share with you here

I also stopped in to share some good news. I got picked to be in a photography show!! It will be in March and im so excited :D hope all is well with you!!


so I have been slacking on my etsy lately and now im on Society6

come check me out~!!!@ and pass it along ;)