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light and blessings

with so many bad people around and so many horrible things happening in the world, I notice I am more drawn to the light then ever. I hope everyone all over the US that is snowed in,frozen in and packed in their homes are safe,,with heat and food in their belly. I might not have money, or love, but I know I am lucky to NOT be in that mess. Please keep so many people in your thoughts and prayers. And remember to look toward the light too.

cold winters night

so on this cold winters night all I want to do is crawl into bed till spring. I am thinking with classes starting in two weeks and working in my schools bookstore for the next two weeks that, that is probably not a good idea. I live in Warner Robins, Ga and usually its not bitterly cold. Well right now it is. I am originally from New Jersey and grew up in the snow and knew I hated it. Living down south we do not usually have to deal with this,but this year is bad. We are supposed to get down to 12 degrees. I realize some of you are colder, but for me in Georgia, that is a bad temp.

Every year all my friends pick a word for their upcoming new year. I usually go along, but this year im picking an attitude instead. Im picking to be STRONG, have courage and persevere. I have had a hard year. They seem to get tougher and tougher and now with more things going on,,worse, but I have great faith in God and I know  this is just a low period in life and he has great plans for me. I will be STRO…