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soul writing

I have read a lot of books lately on soul writing. Deep soul connective writing. And the more I read, seems the less I write. With finals this week and next week my mind is numb. I have written some, I think, excellent papers. I have worked my heart hard on doing the best that I can. So maybe now I will have time to write more that is just for me.

Do you write? Do you write short stories, journals, essays? If you write, what do you like about writing the most? Do you have a routine, a favorite place to write? Do you write down to your soul? Writing down to your soul is an amazing book by Janet Conner and I highly recommend it. I take all the writing books I read with a grain of salt, so the expression goes, that I take what I need from them and  leave the rest. Janet's book though, I have to say, I took a lot from. Writing down to your soul is a great book. You can get her book on amazon, but take heed when I say, be prepared. She has a way of touching your soul, so that it comes …

life has other plans

Greetings all,
It is chilly once again in Georgia. I have jeans on, a long sleeve shirt and a sweater. Pretty soon it will be time for hot tea and britcoms. After all it is a Sat night. I had plans on going full-time to school till I graduated. With graduation in sight after a few more semesters I was getting excited, well life has other plans. I ended up in the ER with my blood pressure a bit high,heart racing and sinus infections over and over. So I prayed about it and dropped a class for fall. I am going to do three instead of four. I realized I do not learn as quickly as I used to, I need more time to process and my health is suffering. I am not on to many meds to count and I dont like meds!! I decided I needed to slow down my life, so prolly three classes a semester and to make up for it, two over the summer time. That is my plan, but life has other plans I am sure it will throw at me. I am learning to let go of what I think I should do and listening to my body. This semester, tr…

moments missed

With life moving so slow and so fast at the same time, I catch myself sometimes with my breath stuck in my heart. I cant seem to push myself forward. I miss sitting on the porch with someone to snuggle and talk to for hours. I miss hugs and having someone to share my life with. I realize I am missing moments I should have.

My kids are adults. I feel like ive missed so much with them, even though I was there for it all. How did they get so old? Who allowed that? This weekend I am doing a girls weekend with my daughter away. Much needed for us both. On a shoe string budget we are heading to Fl for a weekend of beach, riverfront walking, pool side chat and relaxation. I am looking forward for being present for it all. I am only taking my small camera with me and I am going to disconnect and enjoy her.

School is almost done for the semester also. I feel like I went through the motions this semester. I learned a lot. I was there, but I dont know how to explain it, I feel like I missed life…