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Friendships,Networking, and A Photography Class

Yeah that is a huge name for a blog post. Honestly though this will cover that whole title. I promise. First off friendships. Having friends who are artists like your self are of huge benefit and I will tell you why. First off if your friend has been there, they understand. If they have not, then you will be their voice until they catch up. You can aid each other to advance. You can root each other on the journey toward success. Having friends who like what you do, like writing, has huge advantages. You have to be humble to know the journey will not always be equal, but you need to support your friends in their successes and not feel the green eye of jealousy. You have to support each other with your heart and your head.

Networking with your friends is awesome!!No other way to put that. Helping each other meet art dealers or agents, or anyone that will advance their career is A MAZE BALLS!! I am leaving so much from my girlfriends who have been there and done it, but at the same time…