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Writing with youth

So I swore I wouldn't teach. Not for me. Well this is teaching,but not in the public school way. I am starting youth writing groups. I realized while I'm blessed to be able to go to college and encouraged to write, that not everyone has access to people to guide them. With our school systems squeezed to the brinks of bankruptcy, the arts go out the door first. I have two venues picked out. Already met with the one lady and we set a date later this year. She had already wanted to start a youth poetry slam or writer slam and asked me about doing it with her. I am super excited to be working with Nikki at the Barebulb Coffee to set all this up. A little after a month or so , after the workshop, we will hold the author night for ages 12-18. I am so excited. I am going to work with the kids on public speaking, reading your work, nerves and all that comes with it. I hope both events will be an annual if not bi-annual event.

With all that said, do you have any ideas for me? I am open…

writing and photography

I am currently reading the Artist way. While I do not agree with all of it, I do agree with a great deal. I have started writing my morning pages. *though do not rat me out,not every day* and recently I realized its not so much of a chore anymore. I write parts of poems. I write lists. I write! I do believe though that we are our own stumbling block. We all think we are not good enough. The book says most good plays will be put in a desk drawer or a great novel will be shredded. WE are the stumbling block. I am guilty of this myself. I fully admit.

When I started seriously pursing photography years ago, I did not want to show my photos to anyone. You are sharing a part of who you are with people. The part (like the book says) that you hide in the attic or basement or somewhere. You feel exposed when you share your art. It IS a scary thing to do, but I am here to tell you IT IS WORTH IT. I recently submitted a poem for publication and you know what,, IT GOT IN!!!@!@! Well how about tha…

hard mommy days

Greetings everyone,
today is a hard mommy day. my kids therapist said something to her she shouldn't have,, she is doubting college (not due to therapist)  when all other semesters she is on the deans list, being a mom is one hard job. How do you handle all the crap thrown at you and your kid(s) daily? There is always a balance on what you should do and not do, what you should say and not say, always a balance of the good and bad. My heart though today goes out to my girl. She is having boyfriend troubles, school troubles, money troubles.. all the normal things, but when they all come at her at once, she shuts down. I just want to hug her and put her in a happy bubble. Do you know what I mean?

I needed a break and read some more of my French magazine. My cat went crazy,,again,,, and broke something I had 27 yrs. I still have not a job, nor any money past my tax refund. Life is tough,but I have faith it will work out, something I wish my kido had more of... Faith!! There is to much…


Ive taking a writing class, Ive read a ton of writing books. The thing that keeps coming at me is why don't I just stop reading  and well hmm, ya know,,write!! I think fear of not knowing enough to do something keeps people from doing all sorts of things. I saw a fellow student out today at lunch and she said she didn't want to do a writing thing, because she does not think what she wrote is good enough.It amazes me that even though we know we are good at something, we are our worst critics. We put ourselves outside the box and think we do not belong in it. Well I am here to say,, GET IN THE BOX!! You are whats holding yourself back from being better at what you do. You are what is in the way. You write well, you paint well, you are as good a photographer as the rest....well that's a step,but realize you may even be better!!! What in us keeps us from doing things,,what in our mind, our spirit says to ourselves that ,no you cannot do that, why do you try, go read more ,lear…