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Warm & Inviting Winter

While I am a transplanted NJ girl, I do not consider myself northern. I do not like the snow, the cold, or winter. This winter though I have decided to embrace it with welcome light. I left up star lights from Ikea, I light more candles. I make inviting spaces in my home and embrace the cold and dark nights. I am reading more. I am going out more and engaging friends more. I have not started baking but it could happen ;). I am filling my home with warm spaces and things I love to get me through the darkness.

Hot tea, my favorite thrifted runner, my wood coffee table I love, and my antique wooden bowl. Filling areas of your home with favorites help ward off the darkness. You are surrounded by love and constantly are feasting your eyes upon it.

The light that creeps in during the winter months helps ward off seasonal depression. This book case and everything on it keeps being rearranged to allow me to have things that make me happy on it. I am an English major so three of those book are…