Perfect Christmas Season

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 It was a Christmas to remember. There was family, there was food, there was gaming, and boxes, bows, and bags. It started smooth and stayed straight all the way. It was people coming and going. It was an unexpected kitten into our lives. It was meeting new people and remembrance of the old ones that passed. It was a mix of old and new. It was four generations under one roof, eating food, huddled together with blessings, and gathering to celebrate Jesus’s birth. It was magical.
My daughter came home from NC along with our kitty.A Kitten came into our lives by way of someone not supposed to have one and it needed a home. My son and his girlfriend drove down and spent a few nights. It was my ex husband and his mom breaking through the divorce line and remembering we are all family. It was family through the generations; Grandmother, Son, and Grand kids. It was filled with love, advice, and…

Melanie's Witch Series: Part 15 History

Melanie’s discovers Her Family’s History Melanie got a clear picture of the evil she was not up against after talking to her mother on the phone. She was an ocean away, but she conveyed a stern message about taking this threat very seriously. She was told by her mother how she and her grandmother almost both lost their lives while each trying to fight the enchantress. Melanie was just coming into her full power. She was still learning spells. She was a beginning witch and no match for Gerd The next day Melanie decided to go into town and find a new hair brush. Evil was always around her, but today she needed to look groomed. She needed to feel in control again. She needed a hair brush. She put on her long green cloak, tied back her bright fire red hair, and she went out back and whistled for her white horse. He galloped right up to her and nuzzled her wild red curls, which were already falling back down. She mounted him and they headed into town slowly. When she got int…

Melanie's Witch Series: Part 14 The Battle in Ireland

The Dark Realm Boiling black cast iron cauldrons were bubbling all over the floor. The fires from them burning were the only light visible. It lit this cavern in an evil way. The walls had a green ooze pouring out of its crevices. The dark floor was filled with old apothecary bottles holding, human eyes, noses,fingers, and ears. The creatures at the cauldrons had heads that were so grotesque that at first sight, you wondered if it was even possible to be a head. The horns curled around their grotesque misshapen heads. Each horn had open cracks with white ooze coming out of them. The horns had warts and blisters bubbling on them. They also had markings on them for rank. The more marks the horns contained, the higher the rank of the creature. Their heads were closer to an egg shape than round. Their bodies had the fluidity of water. They wore burlap strips as their clothing. They had no visible shape to them. They mumbled in some language and had no noticeable teeth when …

Melanie's Witch Series: Part 13

Melanie felt refreshed after a night tucked into her cottage. She stumbled out to her kitchen to make a new fire, make some much-needed coffee, and open her curtains to let it the glorious subtle light that filled the hills of Cork. While reaching for the kitchen curtain she felt something brush against her lower leg and jumped back and almost knocked the coffee pot off the counter. Her car Griffin was rubbing her leg and purring. She picked him up and nuzzled him against her face giving him kisses. She should have been surprised to see him pop up, but he always appeared when she needed a protector. Then it hit her, she needed protection? What did Griffin know that she did not? Melanie walked over to the couch and placed the cat down on the middle cushion. She set logs into the fireplace and nestled some newspapers below it and lit the papers on fire with a match from the wall sconce. She pondered how many matches were in the container. She walked with purpose back to …

Melanie's Witch Series: Part 12 Melanie in Ireland

Melanie walked the Irish hills and let her mind wander. She was heading into the city of Cork. She had saved for this trip back to her homeland for decades. She had not been to Ireland since her and her mom fled on that cold and blackened night. They filled what they could into their tapestry bags and ran. They boarded a plane for America. Running from the past, running from the darkness and from the evil that was now following them. Magic was both a blessing and a curse. Melanie’s mom never seemed to really rest. She was never at peace. She kept one eye looking back on the past for she feared it would catch up to them and she needed to be ready. Arriving back in Cork and walking the same hills she toddled around many moons ago, Melanie could feel a shift in herself. She felt freer here. She was alone with the sheep on the hillside. Her tiny thatched roof cottage was only a few rooms, but it was all she needed. She was only here for a three-month stint. She needed to fina…

Melanie's Witch Series Part 11: Childhood Part 2

Melanie’s teen years past without so much as a whisper of magic sprinkled in. Spells seem to be just out of her fingertip reach.Not one book had shown up in years. On her sixteenth birthday everything was about to change. Little did Melanie know how much. It was a chilly day in April the day Melanie turned 16. She woke up when the sun danced upon her pillowcase. It tickled her eye lids and she slowly responded with a flutter of her long thick eyelashes. She squinted and strained against the morning’s cheery brightness as her eyes settled on focusing in on her dresser across her room. She sat up and her curls were tousled all around her head. They were a mess from her tossing and turning in anticipation of her 16th birthday. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and bounced downstairs. As she came to the bottom of the stairs, she stepped into the kitchen where her mom greeted her with balloons of all colors and a splendid HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout! Melanie smiled and …

Melanie's Witch Series Part 10: Melanie's Childhood Part 1

Melanie’s first remembrance of something magical happening was when she was four years old. She was out with her mother grocery shopping and she felt agitated at not getting what she wanted at the store checkout. She remembers thinking she should throw a fit to get what she wanted; she closed her eyes, and in a moment reopened her eyes and saw that everyone except her mother and her were frozen in time. Her mother got down close to her face and gently said “You cannot have everything you want in life. Things do not make people happy, love does. She hugged her daughter tight and in a split second of being in her mother’s arms she released time and let everyone go back to normal. Melanie did not understand what happened, or how she made it happen, but she knew she made it happen. When her and her mother came home they unpacked the groceries together and talked. Her mother avoided the subject of what happened in the grocery until she put Melanie to bed. While tucking her i…