Melanie & The Other Stories

Hey all,
As most of you have followed along on Melanie and her witch journey, I wanted to share with you my links for Melanie's story and a collection of my short stories.

Short Stories by Debbie Aruta

This is a collection of all sorts of shorts I wrote. I thought it would be a great idea to put my favorites into one place.

My Melanie Book with all the final edits can be found on

 Melanie's Magical Woes
Also if you want to keep up with more of my writings you can find me on
Medium _Debbie_Aruta

I hope you are all well and this Sunday I will start my Sunday Stories back until Halloween. A Little Haunting story never hurt anyone.

95 here today so I do not believe it got the word about Autumn, but its coming!!

Happy Haunting,

Horror Writing

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash It is that time again, horror. Halloween is fast approaching. Those who have followed me along know that the genre of horror writing is not my thing, but at this time of year I dip my quill into the pot and see if any ink comes up. This year I have been inspired by Icelandic tales and try my hand at one. My first attempts done,but it needs work. Can you write your best work on your first try? I believe no. You need to cultivate the weeds and pick the flowers, so that what you are left with is the soul in which the bones lie. You will be left with the skeleton of a great story, but you still need to cultivate the soul to get your best work out of it. Recently one of my writing pieces has so much attention. Here is the link to it for you to read at your leisure. Why Is Writing So Difficult Why is writing so difficult for so many of us? Perhaps it is because your inner critic wont shut the hell up! You…

So how much writing do you do?

Photo by Lonely Planet on Unsplash

So after writing the post about journaling I thought perhaps we should delve a little deeper into that sea. A lot of you reading probably want to write but are not sure where to start. I have been doing my morning writing in my journal and have come to realize you might all be lost, so lets talk about what to write in first. As many authors have said you can write in whatever you want, but let me suggest a nice journal. I have an Italian leather one from Italy. Barnes & Noble sell them. I bought it for myself for a birthday one year because I thought even if I write crap it will be nice to put it in something beautiful. Now you can write on paper, three subject notebooks, or journals, but it is the writing that matters. I have a favorite cheap pen I use all the time and found that works best for me. Perhaps you want a special pen or fountain type pen, get and use whatever you want. The key is content not quality of what you use for this.

Writing …

Journal-ing: Life, family, and everything else

Good Morning,

I come to share some words and thoughts with you lovelies. I have recently been reading, basically some GO GIRL type of works and it hit me how so mannnnnny people actually need to hear it. When did we as women stop believing in ourselves that we need someone to tell us we are enough, that we are blessed to have our kids, that we can do what we dream of doing? Now do not get me wrong, this lady saying it is smart and encouraging and a great cheerleader of women, but why do we as women no longer believe it on our own?

Perhaps the world has once again shifted. Perhaps you have been through hell in your life and need to hear it again, perhaps your world has shrunk so far that it is just you in it, but whatever it is I am here to agree with this young lady and say you are enough. You do not need to have a man or women to validate how amazing you are. The world is no ones oyster. It is a collective space where we have to live with people we like and dislike who like and disl…

Local Coffee Shop

So I apologize for this being a little late. I had to have surgery and got behind. This was my last coffee house of the summer. It is pretty local compared to the rest. It is about 30 min. south of me. It is brand new and called Bodega Brew. The owner is amazing and very interested in feedback. She spent sometime talking writing and author night with me. The ladies behind the counter know their stuff and can help you with it all.

Coffee and me go together like Apple pie and America. I used to hate it, but in recent years I have a taste for it. I like trying different coffee houses because they all a brand they prefer. I have to say Dancing Goat in Decatur Georgia has amazing coffee. Bodega is filled with local people. It also is filled with people interacting and no phones in site. They have outside seating or inside. They have bakery items if you care to have a nibble.

This coffee house has great light, great people, great coffee. They really want you to be happy and encourage you to …

Alcove Coffee Shop

So I have been traveling around Georgia drinking my way in coffee. My honey and I went to Alcove Coffee in Lilburn Georgia. We enjoyed a shared pot of Moroccan mint tea. They make the tea up in pots and we had blueberry muffins as well. This place is situated right on a lake and the views are amazing. If you are lucky you see a turtle sunning himself. If you want anything iced they can do it, if you want lovely light, they have it, this place is so peaceful and truly a gem in Georgia.

It is so serene looking out the large windows watching the lake.The view from this coffee house can not be beat!

The decor is eclectic and it mixes so well. There are seats, stools, chairs, tables, benches, you name it they have it. It lends a homey feel to it and

The entrance is along the trees and has a view of the lake from all around it. The peacefulness of this place is amazing as it is right off a busy road, but all the trees help keep the noise away.

I have been here before and their coffee is am…

Traveling with Coffee II

This past weekend was a whirlwind of sweets, coffee, and a short family visit. I traveled to Roswell Georgia where I go to visit the very hip young coffee house that has their heads on right. Their motto is Drink Coffee, Do Good! And they stand by it. They support the coffee farmers and villages they get their coffee from. They support the schools, the children, the entire village and they do good! They are the Land of Thousand Hills . Go check this place out!

This coffee house is literally a house. Their rooms are filled with tables and baskets and the combination of the wood, the light, and the smells allow all who enter to feel at home. I got an iced coffee because hello Georgia is hot and I added some half and half and no sugar needed. It was sweet and cold and the coffee was rich and so perfect. A cup hit the spot topped off with a lemon blueberry scone.

I walked around the little house saying hello to other people and everyone was so friendly. The crowd is a young group, but th…