Monday, October 24, 2016

Writing Prompt 14 and a Poem

So with most of my blog being about writing lately, I am sure you are not going to be surprised that I wrote a new poem. I grew up with a step-monster who abused me ( we wont go into that ) and recently I have connected with a soul on that was abused too. This poem was in response to her story about her life and about abuse in general. I think maybe more people know it exists, but people do not want to react and do anything about it. We are all happy living in a bubble.

The poem is titled ENTWINED

Every person, every voice, intertwined with the next,
standing alone on a ledge, whispering help me, longing to be heard.
Struggling to find the thread that connects us to society.
Abuse all around, beating us down, beating us till we bleed out,
outward hatred intermingled through the classes,
through society, through the world,
Abuse around us, we stare instead of react.
Each person crying, each voice drowned out by the next,
each person frozen, fear engulfed and lost for motion.

Standing alone, longing to belong to something, someone,
struggling under the abuser, struggling to survive.
Life’s battering waves, smacking our faces,
abusing our bodies, pushing us down, 

Every person’s voice fragmented words of truths,
No one ready to be intertwined, no one shouting STOP!
Each voice calling for help, but ignored!

And now your photo prompt 14...
I hope this week finds you safe, loved, and happy. till the next photo prompt...
your story teller/poet

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Writing Post 13

So it is that time again. Time for your next writing post. I hope you have enjoyed these so far.

Everything included this week including the kitchen sink.

If you are looking for a serious push on your novel writing, do not forget nanowrimo is in November. The link is here:
Also if you haven't checked out Medium it is a great platform for writing.  
So enjoy the kitchen sink and get to writing!!!

If you would like to share on here, or have me look at a piece in email or whatever I am always willing to. My writing is on Medium as Debbie Aruta or you know here where you found me :D

Happy writing!
your story teller/poet


Monday, October 10, 2016

Writing Prompt 12 and Misc.

As a photographer and Writer I feel a need with both mediums to tell a story. Sometimes I tell it in photos and sometimes I tell it in words, but either way it is a story. Stories have been told, retold, and over told on porches, family gatherings, in parks, and other misc. places forever. They could be long, short, a tall tale or fictions tale. Tales could be filled with worlds that do not exist, magical potions, or everyday people. In any sense of a tale, a story is told. It is sent out into the world in a way for others to absorb it.

Our writing prompts are a way to catalyst writing of a tale. I hope you find inspiration in them and enjoy sending your words or own photo essays into the world. I have really enjoyed writing a lot lately. I do not know if it is the cooler weather, the sharpened pencils, or the feeling of more and more of wanting to be published.

I feel a connectivity to writing. I feel it can express my jumbled thoughts into one coherent tale. One word at a time connecting to a thread. Each thread intertwined to pull you into the story. Words become sentences become paragraphs become a story. Each piece collectively making up the whole. I hope you take this weeks prompt and turn it into something amazing.

Happy Story Telling!
yours truly

 Photo prompt 12!! Choo Choo Chug Chug :) All aboard !

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Writing Advice

I have been writing words for many moons. I have put together sentences into paragraph after paragraph for years. I am at a place where I can help others with the knowledge I have collected. I have taught writing workshops and have work shopped numerous peoples pieces in writing group settings. I have lead a writing group and have been writing for years.

Recently I have found a space for my voice on I am currently hunting down freelance writing jobs. I write in this blog, I used to write for, and now I write short stories, poetry, and memoirs. Writing is something that is in my blood and as they say, "We bleed all over the page". I find bleeding all over my metaphorical page is therapy for my soul. I feel so many things so deeply and cannot express them in normal conversations. I find myself filled with words of a poem or short story that would express how I feel. My voice needs to come out and it does not matter if those words are shared or not, so long as I get them out of my head.

I firmly believe writing through grief is a true benefit. I have friends (and myself) who have gone through so much in life that they cannot process all that has happened. I have given then journals and told them to write it out. Write the anger, the hurt, the desperation down on the page. I find if you write out your thoughts and emotions, as you write you move through them. Clarity will eventually fall upon you. You might ramble for days, months, whatever amount of time, but then you have the moment of letting go. You let go of the hate, the hurt, the never ending moaning of poor pity me ( we have ALL been there) and you see yourself day by day get stronger. You move through grief into a place where once again you are happy.

Writing is pure magic. You have these 26 lettings in the English language. You mix them up to form words, your words take baby steps and become paragraphs, and so on and on. You form thoughts, stories, poems, and you make words that touch peoples emotions and hearts. What you wrote helped someone. What you wrote touched someone. Your words you made. This is the magic part. You wrote it down because you had to get it out. You had to get it out of your head!! You didn't write to inspire, to aid, to be there for someone. You wrote for you, from your heart, and you connected with souls all over the world who read your words. Writing is pure magic!!

I believe that our words will outlast us. We will parish from this earth and our words will go on. It could be in print somewhere, online somewhere, and certainly, I hope, in our friends and families hearts. I realize that in today's fast paced instant world things come and go, but books have been around forever. Words have been used to share stories for generations. Oral story telling is a true art form and I for one hope my words live past my life time. I hope they remain to tell my children, family, friends, and loved ones that I indeed love them all. I feel love so deeply for them that only through poems or short stories can I share it.

Writing is definitely an art form. Us writers all feel like we are creating works of art. Sometimes bad ones yes, but we create. We move from the bad drafts to the good bones of our story. We move deeper into imagery as we describe something in greater details. We move from surface to deep layers. It is a process for us all. Take your first draft and go deeper, then your next, and so on. Write it out without censoring yourself. Write like no ones going to read it. Write from your heart, with all your emotions, and thoughts. Untangle them all later.

Well there is some writing advice for you. You can find more on I am Debbie Aruta on there. I have pieces on writing rules and breaking them, being a journeyman writer, who do you write for, and more. I honestly believe sharing these ideas, tips, or advice may help others write better. My best advice for you, if you are not part of a writing group then join one. Work shopping with like minded writers really helps the process that other wise is solitary.

All my best
your story teller/poer

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Writing Prompt 11 and What's New

Hey all,
I hope Autumn finds you enjoying apples, leaves, crisp air, and everything else associated with Fall.It is such an amazing time of year. There is a change coming, a coolness, darkness falls earlier, and we turn inward to spending time just at home with our families and friends. I love that about the season. Not only are there physical changes, but people respond in different ways. We each move through this earth with different agendas, beliefs, and other items. I think what matters most is that if someone needs us we are there for them not based on what we will gain, but in what we will be to them. We could be a friend they need to listen, to help, to give a lift to, to help weed a garden, or just about anything. What we get is joy from helping. We accomplish something for someone else without any regard for reward.

In any relationship it is a give and take. Recently I have been thinking if you do one that the other then the scales tip in your relationship. ( I am a Libra, we hate unbalanced scales ) I think though sometimes some unbalancing is needed. Sometimes we have struggle with what our partner may not. They may be able to do something for us over and over, before we get a chance to do anything for them. I think this is balance. At some point that partner is going to need to have something done for them that only we can do. We need to realize that even though it may seem unbalanced sometimes, our relationship is really not. Even in friendships, what looks unbalanced may not actually be unbalanced. Unless you are IN the relationship you wont know.

I have been writing like a crazy woman and have signed up for nanowrimo this November. I plan on writing short stories, but nanowrimo is for novels. So I will make something work. I want to push myself into doing updates to my work,to allow myself to be pushed down a conveyor belt of writing, but to do it my way, with my words, and so on and so forth.

If you are doing it too, let me know :D I will be happy to cheer lead you on. Right now that balanced has shifted and I am here for you!!

So Writing Prompt 11. Wow 11 already. Here is your photo for this weeks prompt:

A little adorable place in Georgia. Run with it!! I hope it inspires you to keep writing!!

For now, that is all from my little home to yours, many autumn blessings.

your story teller/poet

Sunday, September 18, 2016

When enough, enough, and when is it ok to say no? Photo Prompt 10 too!

So recently I have been thinking about my talents. I am pursing my writing career harder now then ever. I have been writing constantly,doing revisions, writing more poetry, and so forth. I have ventured onto Medium, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, and other social media sites. With the world seemingly spinning faster then ever, when is enough actually enough and it become OK to say no?

Social media obviously has its place in our lives. It is not leaving us anytime soon, so I feel it is time to say no more. I have seen swarm and other apps, even for my photography people tell me all the time to download more software for editing photos. I smile politely, say thank you, and never do it. Recently I have started just saying, "No thank you" to people. They look startled and cannot comprehend what I am saying. With a society so bent on getting more material goods, I can understand why they also need to get more social media.

I now have a stalker on my social media. I thought sharing parts of my life online was a good thing. People want to feel connected to their authors, but my boyfriend's ex wife has taken it to another level. She stalks me. She searches my social media to see if he is still with me. Now most of my social media is private. Enough is now enough. I have locked down so much of my life. Now it is acceptable for me to say no to social media. With the world spinning faster and social media growing by leaps and bounds, sometimes sharing is not a good thing.

My online presence is obviously not going anywhere. Especially with me writing more these days then ever before, but at what point do you draw the line, say enough, and say no? Each of us needs to decide how we will run our social media, but we all need to keep in mind who our audience is, and who may be stalking us for private info.

When we leave this earth, our social media remains. This blog post will be here, my photos will be online, I will leave a mark if only online ( though I hope offline as well ) Social media connects us to lost loves, to old friends, to family, but in the end is it worth it? I for one am ready to say no more. I have limited my sharing, my posts, my photos, and I feel strong enough to just say no!

Moonbeams Poem

This is my latest poem. I am a huge lover of the moon. I thrive at night. I write at night. I love the silence of the world in the darkness that lies outside my window. I will continue to share with you my writing as I write for you. I write my words into sentences, into paragraphs, into stories and poems for you my readers.

I hope this post has gotten you to consider some social media items that perhaps you have not before. I for one am saying enough and no thank you from now on. There is such a thing as to much info.

And now writing post 10. I cannot believe we are in the double digits already. This weeks photo prompt is:

 Have fun and write and yes share. Just maybe not on 50 sites. It is like supply and demand. If your words are out there on so many sites, perhaps they are not so much in demand anymore. Just a thought.

All my best
Your poet/storyteller

Monday, September 12, 2016

Impromptu Day & Writing Prompt 9

Greetings all. I have been away travelling so please forgive my tardiness on prompt 9. First, let me say life has and always will surprise me !! I used to be a big planner. I would print the maps off the computer in case the phone or internet went down. I would pack a smaller cooler with water bottles for a day trip just in case. I planned snacks for a 2-hour drive. Yep, I was that person. Now there is nothing wrong with being that way, but I noticed as I got older that something in me has changed. I no longer care to plan. I was the only one who worried about these things and the rest of my family just was along to have fun.

So yesterday we set out to go to a festival that well is next weekend. My bad. So on to plan B, but I didn't plan, so we went to an animal rescue place next, On the way, we found a festival like the one we were trying to go to. We continued onto the animal place, then found a garden to explore, and then we went to this festival.

An unplanned trip turned into a day of adventure and a day of alone time. We spent the whole day together and no service on the phones. YES!! Thank you, lord! We talked, we walked, we discussed the animals the gardens, the festival, and all from a day that did not go the way I planned.

An impromptu day, a stumble upon  a festival like we were trying to go to, and a day of exploring all sorts of amazing items set in this garden. I have learned many life lessons, but one of the most important ones is not to plan every minute of every day. I did bring water bottles, but no cooler. I planned where we were going, but then that changed. I had a great time letting go of holding on and I had one of the best days. The best part was $2.50 for the festival for us both due to us going so late in the day it was half off and the only other expense was gas and dinner at Cracker Barrell.

I wrote a post a long time ago saying there was a twinge in the air of change and I have to say I feel it again. Not only am I playing it by ear more these days, but my writing has gotten a lot more fun, I am letting loose with more reigns than I can to hold. The air has a little chill in it , pumpkin items are on menus everywhere, and Autumn is coming. With that said I lead you into the next paragraph and the next writing prompt.

Writing prompt #9 as always is a photo. Think about what you see, what reactions you have to it, and what emotion it ignites in you. I hope you all let go of the reigns some, follow your plans a little less, smell the fall in the air and enjoy your writing. Have fun this Autumn jumping in leaves, drinking hot alcohol drinks, snuggle by the fire, and write :D

Your story teller/poet