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Melanie's Witch Series: Part 9 Bird Cage

Melanie had been so wrapped up in the death of her fiancĂ©, the possible dating situation with James, and now the pregnancy that she had forgotten the bird cage sitting covered in the corner. It was handed down from generations of strong women in her family. It had been in that corner of the living room since she moved in with her fiancĂ©. Legend has it if you put a wish in the bird cage, close the cage, cover it overnight, if in the morning your paper was gone then your wish would come true. The bird cage contained, like so many other ordinary things she owned, magic. It had sat in the corner waiting to be unpacked till she had the perfect spot for it in the house. Well today was that day! She knew exactly where she would put it. She emptied an end table, moved its lamp to another table, and placed the rather large wrought iron black birdcage on the table. “Hmm”, she thought, it was rather cumbersome. Maybe that is why it sat against the wall for so long. No, it will not…

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