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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends

So wanted to pop in  quickly between stirring and wish all the people who celebrate a very happy Thanksgiving. :D
Crock pots are simmering away. The turkey is closing in on its last hour. I hope you are all having a super holiday. And yes I do boxed stuffing. I did homemade once, my kids said no no never again heheheh Happy Holiday Season to you all

a little holiday cheer

Well hello strangers. Ive been buried in school work and trying my damnedest to get one A. This semester has not be easy on me and with still looking for a job and trying to go full time again next semester,,stress!!!
But enough of that, schools almost out for Christmas. And I get a few weeks to pull my sanity back into my head. Im actually enjoying writing an 8 page paper to prove nothing!! You got it,nothing. Im doing a deconstructionism paper and it proves the text actually doesnt have a meaning. What a concept after every teacher tells you to find the meaning. You know I jumped on this one..and Shakespeare, who I normally hate. who knew!!

I hope you are all safely traveled to wherever you will be, for the thanksgiving holiday. In the US we celebrate with family and friends around the table, say what we are thankful for and enjoy good friendships, games, wine and cheese, and lots of laughter. My son and daughter in law will be coming down and my daughter still lives at home so will…