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Sunday Stories: Coffee Houses, Third places and the places you will go....Paris Adventures

So if you have been with me on this space for awhile you will know a few things about me.

#1. I am a very passionate person
#2. I am a very artistic person
#3. I love the universe wholly
#4. I am a writer and photographer. I am a sister and mother and many other names.
#5. I am here to tell you stories and share my life with you.

With all of the above logged into memory let me say this. I am a very passionate person about things I truly believe in . I believe this world, le monde, has a need for more love, more passion and more third places. I did a huge project about the third place and I have interviewed owners of coffee shops. I love when a third place lets me combine all of my loves (#1-5) together.

I love a place where I can be passionate about art,,photos. I love a place that thinks outside its four walls and into the community. I love a place that lets me teach writing workshops for youth and lets me share my photography with the community for two months. I love a third plac…

Best Friends+20 Years= Living through it all together.

Mine and my besties anniversary is fast approaching. 20 Years! I knew when I met him I would always be involved in his life and him in mine. We have been through many relationships, including the one that just ended, he has let me cry on his shoulders, I have let him lean on mine. We have had our rough times and plenty of good. He makes me belly laugh and for those who read this and really know me you know it doesn't happen much. He has my heart always :D

We have been to Braves games, NC trips, plenty of fun and amazing times. Corn maze races, horse shoe playing. He loves my energy and spirit. Even on coffee hehehe That's real love. He never tries to change me or me him. Its unconditional love and for that I am forever thankful.

With us on the brink of 20 years I find myself once again looking back at my life. Since he has come into it he has made it so much better. He calls when he knows I'm blue. Like tonight. He never judges me, nor me him. We can sit and him read a pap…

a poem,,some thoughts and mixed emotions

Greetings all out in the cyber world. First a poem to share with you. It's been awhile since I wrote anything new and I have a friend who, I don't know, something about him motivates me to write. (so that's a great thing.)