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a new story by me

The night was damp. The fog came rolling off the bay. It seemed to engulf the whole town. I made my way , carefully, down the stairs to the platform. I looked for the man with the large stetson hat., but alas he could not be found. I heard, "All aboard" as someone yelled it in the fog. I followed the voice, found the train, and climbed up the steep train stairs. A hand reached out for me in the darkness and pulled me up. I turned to grab my luggage, pulled it onto the train, turned to thank whomever pulled me on board, but no one was there. Did I imagine it?

The porter found me, grabbed my bags, checked my ticket, and took m to my drawing room. I have always wanted to travel by train. I have wanted to go out west and explore as long as I could remember. I never imagined I would do it alone. With the papers signed just yesterday an adventure was just what I needed. My depression had been setting in for awhile and I needed the change. It was an unwanted guest…