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Mystery Dinner Theatre

Last night I had the honor of photographing a mystery dinner. I am part of the English Society Organization at school and offered my photography skills. Everyone had worked so hard it was the least I could do. My friend Danielle wrote and directed it. It was a year ago she thought of the idea and this year made it happen. We had all English majors in the production and it turned out amazing, so without another moment of my ramblings I wanted to share with you some , ( if I do say so myself) gorgeous photos of the night.

Everyone did an amazing job and I am so proud to call them my friends. :D


Sunday Stories: Halloween story Part 6, Le Fin

And now the final part of our witch story.

When I woke up I was back in my apartment. I was in one piece and not even a scratch on me. I wasn't sure what happened and thought maybe it was all a dream. I looked at my arm. The arrow was gone. All of Emma's belongings were gone. I heard a knock on the door. I hoped it was Emma. It was my neighbor. She said she hadn't seen me go out in a few days and wanted to make sure I was ok. I asked her if she had seen Emma. She responded with saying she knew no one by that name. I said the lady who moved in with me a little while ago. She said no one had moved in and wanted to know if I was ok. I said I was and closed the door.

She left and I sunk into the couch. I thought for sure I was hurt. I remember the screaming I did and the pain I felt, but my body had no mark on it. Not even that arrow. I decided in the morning to go out to Emma's house and ask her directly what was going on.

I headed to bed and tripped over a book. I didn'…

Mossy Creek Festival Fun

This festival is a little different. It is dolls made of corn husks and hand blown glass and all sorts of old fun time fun and crafts. They have clogging and bull whipping and dulcimers and is fun to walk around. Thought Id share a few with you here :D

Sunday Stories: Halloween series, Part 5

When I awoke I was in unfamiliar surroundings.  I was bound up by twigs. Was that even possible. I tried to move and they grew tighter around me. I knew that the human figure I was seeing was the demon by the black pools in his eyes. I second later I saw him coming toward me again.

Ahh you are awake my friend, it will be better to hear your screams of pain as I shred you and kill you now.

I couldn't think. Where was Emma? Wasn't she just with me in my apartment? How did I get in this,this, what is this? A cave?

Slash! Searing pain shot down my leg. The demon had hit me. My leg was bleeding and I was in so much pain. I screamed out. I screamed the loudest blood curling scream anyone had ever heard.The burning sensation and horrible pain was to much. He seemed to laugh. Again he slashed at me. The same spot so it hurt more. I wriggled in pain, trying hard not to scream, but it escaped my mouth and the demon laughed loudly. He was enjoying my pain so immensely.

I heard a noise…

15th again and another bowl shot

So I know its only once a month and we really dont pay attention to when these photos happen, but I guarantee you it is the 15th of each month. So again, a little bit of info. Claudia and I met many years ago on flickr, the photo sharing website, we have been friends since. I loved her antique wooden bread bowl and when I had the chance to snag one up for $7 I did it. Did I need it? No, but I knew it would be a great collaboration and when she said yes I was over the moon. So here is Oct's photo collaboration. Claudia put it together this month and I love it. She is amazing!!

xo Claudia.. I love you!!

Sunday Story: Halloween Series Part 4

Once my head was cleared, I decided to go back out to her house in the woods and speak with the witch. I needed some answers. I packed up some food for her, do witches eat food? Well surely they do, and I hiked back out. It was the second trail this morning, so since I always did them in order I easily remembered which one. When I got to where I thought the house was at, there was no house. There was a pile of leaves pressed down onto the ground like something had been on it, but nothing was there. I couldn't make any sense of this.

I back tracked through the trail and tried again. Nothing. Hmm?? I decided to do my walk through the next trail. I started in and heard a strange whistling. A song. It seemed to be something I remembered, but where did I know it from? It took me a min and I remembered, Cub Scout camp. We used to sing it and whistle it as we hiked. The arrow. It was the arrow of light in Cub Scouts. How did I forget that? Ok so now I had a link. This yellow arrow, sign …

Sunday Stories: Halloween Story Part 3

Next part of our spooky Halloween story.

I was flustered from all that had happened. I was marked. Marked for death? Protection?  I could not tell what this supposed witch was saying or doing to me. I checked in at headquarters and went out for my daily trail walk. I figured I was safe as the police had checked the whole area and found nothing and also that Emma  kept saying that there was nothing in the woods that did not belong.

I loaded my gun, which I normally do not take on my hikes, and headed out. I decided not to tell my co-workers about the supposed witch, after-all who would believe me? The first trail went along the river side of the park. It was a short quarter mile of a trail and I had done it a million times. I walked slowly to clear my head. I heard an owl hoot. I looked up and there was a snow white barn owl. How odd. I thought about the owl for a min, wait aren't owls out at night? I walked on. I finished my first trail and headed out to the second. Each trail is…