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Bonjour,Hola,Guten Tag and Hello!! Life has had more bumps then ups lately with my father in law in the hospital. Many many bad things happening in his body and as he is stable now,,who knows what next thing will come our  way. Tho I am divorced from his son, I still call him my father in law. He is a great man. Shows me so much love and kindness. So trying to get through la classe de la Francais and American Lit this Summer. With losing my job it at least let me sign up for two classes instead of my regular one for summer.

Francais and I are frenemies. Im keeping my eye on it every second and studying,it in turn is plotting against me to do things I dont understand. Like attacking me with verbs I dont like. Je deteste the verb Avoir. Je ne comprend pas!! all im saying.

Summer is officially out all over the US. What are your summer plans? Tomorrow I have class,then unemployment, then class. I live a thrilling life. Are you planning a vacation? Are you traveling? Do share with us and l…

Well hello and a poem too!

Bonjour all. I hope this post finds you all very well. Summer is truly upon us here in Ga and I can tell by my AC bill. First to repair it then to keep it on. I have been busy photographing events of late and can say I have two memory cards full. Need to do a backup before I delete. You just dont know. My kitty Henry is laying next to me and the lap top watching me type. As a letter shows up on the screen he is trying to get it,,so if I typo do not hold it against me. Silly Henry.

Inspiration: Comes in so many forms. I can come up with poems in my head, but unless I jot it down,its lost. So apparently I put this one in my phone and upon cleaning it up, I came upon this one and thought id share. ( esp since I havent lately)

The name of it is: the Whistling of the mood Pierced my soul

in the middle of the night,
under the pale moonlight.
You came to me in a dream
and once again I could not sleep.

Once again I could not sleep,
for my dream was So real.
my Eyes were asleep, but not I,