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Holiday Rush

Well hello again online world. Ive been really busy with working fulltime,going to college and night and being a mom. I hope all is well with you.I have some new bookmarks in my etsy shop that are adorable and perfect for a little holiday gift. I hope you all enjoy the upcoming holidays and dont feel rushed.I try to get all my stuff done in november..the shopping,the baking (then freezing) and anything else I can. I find then it makes December more enjoyable and I can do more.More fun activities like seeing our towns x mas tree lite or going out for hot cocoa with the kids or watching Rockefeller centers tree lite.We watch it every year its a tradition at my home. Growning up in NJ I never miss seeing it (well cept those four years overseas when the Armed forces network didnt show it ) I hope you are getting filled with the spirit and not the rush. Wishing you a happy,healthy holiday season.

Turning 42

So today I turned 42. I dont look it,dont feel it,but the white hairs confirm it.
Its been a good year 41 ,but its time for me to move on and be friends with 42. I dont have 42 things I wish id do. I dont have 42 regrets in my life. I try to live every day as if its my last. I tell everyone I love them ALL the time.They are all tired of hearing it,but when im gone,they will remember,she always said, I love you.
I hug people all the time.I treat them special everyday. Im truly blessed with two wonderful children.Tho more like young adults they are now. Its hard being a single mom. Its hard working fulltime,going to school fulltime and juggling it all. Life is hard. Love hard,work hard and most of all PLAY hard!! Ive enjoyed 41 ,but welcome 42 with open arms and hug it and tell it, "I love you".

Up in the shop

Did I ever mention I have a little Etsy shop. I just uploaded some new knits to it come by and check it out!

autumn baking

Checking in and sharing my favorite apple pie recipe..hope you enjoy it

Two Crust Pie:(8-9 inch)
2/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons shortening
2 cups all purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
4-5 tablespoons water

cut shortening into flour and salt until particles are about small peas

Sprinkle in water.1 tablespoon at a time,tossing with fork until all flour is moistened and pastry almost cleans side of bowl (1-2 teaspoons water can be added if needed)

Gather Pastry into two balls. Flatten one at a time on a floured surface. Roll pastry 2 inches larger than inverted pie place.Use flour so your rolling pin doesnt stick. Fold in half and lift into the pie plate and unfold. ( I roll mine on was paper so its easy to pick up and fold and move into pie plate)

Apple pie filing :
3/4ths cup sugar
1/4th all purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
dash of salt
6 cups thinly sliced tart apples (about 6 medium apples should do it)
2 tablespoons margarine or butter

Heat oven to 425.

Mix sugar,flour,nu…


Just opened my autumn shoppe for this year on my etsy.Pretty colors,sights and colors to delight your senses.Stop on over and say hello and check out my prints now available for your enjoyment.

School Daze

Greetings,bet you thought I fell off the earth. Well it School Daze time.Im back in college at night and in a daze.Got dinner to make tonight,binomials to work with ,film papers to write and three loads of wash to do. So please excuse me as I fall over and collaspe from exhaustion. Kudos to single moms,,and dads!!! Its hard,its twice as much work,but ALL the reward. I hope your kids get off and settled into a new school routine soon and if you are going back like me,,welcome to the Daze!!


I often wonder about my life. I think I have a small life. I barely interact with anyone cept work. I love to sit in my living room chair and crochet or knit and no tv. I took the Tv out of my bedroom since my divorce and people dont understand it. I appreciate people buying me lovely technology gifts,but I dont know how to use them and they then sit and do nothing.Sometimes not even making it out of the box and I feel bad,but honestly im ok without them. (not that they are bad or anything like that) I wonder if in my small life if I have more to do in my life. I think I do. Im going back to college Monday night. Working fulltime and being a single mom isnt enough. (rolling eyes at self) I want to learn more. I want to broaden my world. I do,do it sometimes ,but then I go back to my hole. I wonder if thats a bad thing. I love my hole of life in my wall. (so to speak) I want my degree, I want to learn,id LOVE a new camera and to do family and infant sessions.There again id have to lea…

Texture Work

Recently I learned how to use textures. I have to say its so much fun to create with my photos this way. Kim Klassen's has the best textures. You can find her on flickr :D
Here are a few of my photos I did tonight.

A Friday night in peace

So its a Friday night.There was a time in my life I hated being home Friday nights. Now I love it. Im home,peace,quiet,one kid has the car,the other ones moved out. I crocheted and listen to the rain. I did work today ,but its been a pretty stress less kind of day. I hope this friday night finds you doing what you love. Be it out or home.And if you want.come on over,ill make us a cup of tea :D
Have a great weekend all.

Rain Came down

Yesterday the rains came down. It holy poured in my town. And god was strongly bowling up there. It was bad. So last night it was in the low 90's.Yes that is cool for here this time of year,so I went for a walk. Thought id share some photos with you and see how you are dealing with the heat in your area.

We had beautiful skies,tons of water and ugh it was huuuuuuumid

Quick Update

Just a quick update...My shop , im having a Buy one get one free sale.Come check it out and get some new artwork for your walls :D
Have a great night & weekend.Tomorrow we go to the lake :D

~~Friday Alert~~

Todays is Friday and I thank the lord. I take blessings in anyway they come and friday is one im totally thankful for.Im a single mom. I work fulltime. Im going back to college in TWO WEEKS (eeeeeeek) Yeah a little scared.Been about 6 years since ive attempted it. I look forward to my weekends.They are filled with errands and chores and laundry,but I love (most of the time) doing it.Means im moving forward. Means im keeping up.Means less to do during the upcoming week. Did I mention the single mom thing. My daughter goes back to school the 9th.We have open house coming up.School supplies are already bought. We are ready!! I hope this time of year finds you ready for what is coming your way.Be it School for your kids, a child starting for the first time or you going back to college ,like me, to finish your degree. I hope you weekend is all you need it to be.Enjoy the summer ,it goes by fast!!
A slice of homemade apple pie for you. I wish for Autumn. I yearn for crisp days again.The heat in Georgia is so bad this time of year and next month is not going to be any better.So this past weekend I made a fall favorite.Homemade apple pie.Seemed odd at first,but them I have a craving for it. Summer is about relaxing a bit.Well I relaxed and made a pie out of season. Maybe in fall ill make a peach one just to even it out :D
Hope you all enjoy your summer evening.Whatever the temperature is in your neck of the woods.

Welcome to my new home...

So Ive missed you all. First a little about me. Im a single mom. One son who is 19,lives out on his own and engaged. One 16 yr old daughter who is truly amazing and im so blessed to be raising her. Im a mom,sister,fulltime worker,Aunt,godmother,soon to be back to college student,crafter and part time photographer.Im the family maid,cook and errand person. My life is crazy cool and im so thankful for it.
I look forward to sharing more of myself and learning about you as I go,so pull up a chair.Have some sweet tea (yeah in in Georgia) and have a long talk with me and tell me about you :D