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New Year, New Word, New attitude

Evening all,tho Its almost midnight,so good morning also. With the new year fast approaching, have you thought of your word? a word to describe your 2013 life. Something to say who you are,what you want to do with yourself, or what you want to accomplish?

My 2012 word WAS survive. 2011 was not a kind year for me. I had a friend ,who I never met offline, tell me to change my word. At first I was like who does she think she is,but she was right. Survive was not all I wanted  for myself for 2012. So she suggested I change it to THRIVE!!

I change it and notice my attitude for 2012 also changed. I worked my ass off to THRIVE. I sold more art. I was part of a group photographer show and then had my own. I got into honors at college. I became manager of the place I work in. I made jewelry and made money off of it. When someone said would you like to? I answered with a YES!! I changed my attitude and my year changed too. I also got up at open mic night and read my poems. To my surprise peopl…

Merry Happy Holidays


I hope this time of year finds you surrounded by loved ones,loved animals,loved friends.
No matter how you celebrate do it with love,,give it out,pay it forward. With what just happened in CT. we need more then ever to pay it forward,,pay for the persons meal in the car behind you,take in your neighbors trash can, share joy and smiles with everyone you meet. *THIS MY TOWN SHOULD TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION* The holidays seems to make everyone in this large town ,,GRUMPY. Come on people, he is the reason for the season and I sincerely believe he wouldn't want us yelling at each other,holding each other up at gun point *two places in town now where I've heard that,one at my daughters work which scares me to death* We need to give,love,show kindness. Help someone carry packages and DON'T STEAL THEM. Smile at someone even tho they look mean, maybe they are just having a bad holiday. Depression is a huge problem at this time of year. More suicides t…

buttercups and barefoot

So today was final number one. Im amazed I even made it to it. Ive been sick since friday night and on some kick germ drugs. With that said,, it is what it is and I let go of it. So what do I do,but of course WRITE!

So a few more little poems to share with you. For you see, I am poem crazy.


the buttercups blew in the wind and took my mind along
buffalos stomped in the dark corners of soul
Winds howled and I heard my voice.
the kitchen crept into my heart

I could hear the mice playing near
every prairie turning and turning by
Sun dipping behind the dancers.
Leaping ,frollicking, playing in my mind

Learning to leave my windowsill open
our lives forevermore entwined

Poem #2 Barefoot

my barefoot soul came to me in a dream
floating along clouds of green
my sould called out to the moonlight

I wrestled to hear my breathe again

I was gone inside to rest
words floated by, but I could not speak
I was sadly adrift
my mind as soft as a feather and could not think

I leave you with this…