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Its a Monday

oh its a monday. I hope you are all having  a good day. I just wanted to pop in and sat... August 3rd Im having my first photography show just for me. If you are in the Warner Robins, Macon, Ga area please come.
Its at the 567 club from 6-9 on cherry street. I have different photo types. I did some polaroids,which my new banner is, I have some 120 film photos, some 35 mm ones and some TTV's. ( Through the Viewfinder)
Its where you use an old Argus or that type of camera and you shoot a digitial with what you see in the Argus.

Its going to be quite the scene. Photos have been taking with my 60D, Argus, Holga and Sx-70. I really think after this I might consider doing a class to teach some skills,cameras and editing.

Think im at that point :D

Have a great monday!! oxoxoxo

and do tell me,,whats your passion???
Life is fulled with little tiny moments that make it all worth while.
Last night I took myself on a date to a concert and was not disappointed.
Ive been divorced 10 yrs and with no guy on the horizon, I date myself.
And please I do it better then any guy could hahahah

We need to enjoy all the moments,cause while the large ones are amazing. If we sit and wait
daily for the large ones,life will be disappointing. Enjoy the smaller moments. Photograph
them and then,,here is the key PRINT THEM OUT!! dont let them sit on your hard drive waiting
to be lose. Print them out,,you know those old books they used to sell to put photos in,,
NEWS FLASH they still make them!! go buy some and print print print. Years to come you will look
back at all the smaller moments and enjoy them all!!

god bless,have a great sunday and I give you permission to snap away!!!
Debbie :D

Greetings again all,

I hope Summer finds you happy,well and relaxed. Im taking a Summer college class and almost done. Im hoping to be able to pull off a town hula hooping night in the fall for our town and my photography show is coming up next friday.


Why do you tease me with your sun and heat?
Why do you burn me up the minute I walk outdoors?

Fun time, lightening bug time.
Late nights out on the porch time.
Walks and book time with lemonade time
mixed in!!

Summer, why do you tease me so?
Shinning down and so so happy.
Chasing out the cobwebs of the Winter.
Running after each other and playing together.

Play time, tag time, Hula hoop time.

Its Summer, wont you come play with me ?


Im taking another Enlgish class in the fall. Im looking forward to writing again. Reading more books and Im almost a Jr now in college. By the time im 46 I hope to have that English degree under my belt.

I hope summer finds you relaxing. Lemonade is always being made at my house. I love to roll t…
Love! I think Robert Browning said it best when he said

Love me sweet, with all thou art,
Love me in the lightest part,
Love me in full being.

Thats part of a poem titled a mans requirment.

Love is a tricky part. Does he like me? should I love him?
Pride comes into play. Well im not going to be the one
to do or say anything.

Love,,,its puzzling. You reach out  to find no one there.
You love with all your might and your heart breaks.

It hits the ground and shatters into a thousand pieces.

Love,,,,you make me wonder love. Would you love me
just for me? with all my faults? with all my closed off heart?

people fall into love,,out of love,back in love,,

we love family,friends and a special someone.
we love ice cream,fireworks,picnics.

Life is a very complicated thing and then you add Love.
Sometimes I think its just a bad four letter word.

In the End,, I love LOVE and hope one day to be in love again.

How about you?

I love boardwalks,piers,the ocean,the sand,shells…