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Just opened my autumn shoppe for this year on my etsy.Pretty colors,sights and colors to delight your senses.Stop on over and say hello and check out my prints now available for your enjoyment.

School Daze

Greetings,bet you thought I fell off the earth. Well it School Daze time.Im back in college at night and in a daze.Got dinner to make tonight,binomials to work with ,film papers to write and three loads of wash to do. So please excuse me as I fall over and collaspe from exhaustion. Kudos to single moms,,and dads!!! Its hard,its twice as much work,but ALL the reward. I hope your kids get off and settled into a new school routine soon and if you are going back like me,,welcome to the Daze!!


I often wonder about my life. I think I have a small life. I barely interact with anyone cept work. I love to sit in my living room chair and crochet or knit and no tv. I took the Tv out of my bedroom since my divorce and people dont understand it. I appreciate people buying me lovely technology gifts,but I dont know how to use them and they then sit and do nothing.Sometimes not even making it out of the box and I feel bad,but honestly im ok without them. (not that they are bad or anything like that) I wonder if in my small life if I have more to do in my life. I think I do. Im going back to college Monday night. Working fulltime and being a single mom isnt enough. (rolling eyes at self) I want to learn more. I want to broaden my world. I do,do it sometimes ,but then I go back to my hole. I wonder if thats a bad thing. I love my hole of life in my wall. (so to speak) I want my degree, I want to learn,id LOVE a new camera and to do family and infant sessions.There again id have to lea…

Texture Work

Recently I learned how to use textures. I have to say its so much fun to create with my photos this way. Kim Klassen's has the best textures. You can find her on flickr :D
Here are a few of my photos I did tonight.

A Friday night in peace

So its a Friday night.There was a time in my life I hated being home Friday nights. Now I love it. Im home,peace,quiet,one kid has the car,the other ones moved out. I crocheted and listen to the rain. I did work today ,but its been a pretty stress less kind of day. I hope this friday night finds you doing what you love. Be it out or home.And if you want.come on over,ill make us a cup of tea :D
Have a great weekend all.

Rain Came down

Yesterday the rains came down. It holy poured in my town. And god was strongly bowling up there. It was bad. So last night it was in the low 90's.Yes that is cool for here this time of year,so I went for a walk. Thought id share some photos with you and see how you are dealing with the heat in your area.

We had beautiful skies,tons of water and ugh it was huuuuuuumid