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a little update

so I'm unemployed and not sure how, but life got busy.. Have a dept of labor thing Tues.... Thurs going to the gardens with a long time friend who just lost his dad,,mom last yr and gma the year before,,he needs a day out.. then Friday have something,,sat a wedding to shoot ( my fourth one woo woo) so Sunday is church and I'm going to pencil in a nap. My ex in laws leave Friday and Ive got house and cat duty for about a week. The 28th is back to school for me...American Lit and French.. cant wait for French,,eh lit,,its another lit, but gotta knock it out. I am still working on my collabs with my new German friend Carito and here is our latest...
Today was also spent at the race trace with my son and his wife.
The boy cant seem to keep four wheels down,but after he almost rolled his car once and was on the front left tire only,,we have a rule,,at LEAST three down now or give mom a heart attack :( I took a whole bunch for the SCAA and so far everyone loves them and have put the…

so an obsession with Francis

So i'm taking my first language class at college this semester. FRENCH!!! I am so excited. I took Espanol in HS and I lived in Germany,which left French. So I have been listening to French music on my phone, I have an app for learning French. (apparently there IS an app for that hahaah) So with this all said,,, here is my latest work...and as always,,do not take it, copy it or use it in ANY way!!

Cafe Musica

I sat in the Cafe,
musical notes floated all around.
Their language was a tongue,
I could not understand.

"Parlez-vous le francis?", someone says to me.
I said no and smile at them.
Their smoke cicles my head like a halo.
It engulfs me into another world, I was not prepared.

Walking along the rue , I saw people in love.
I noticed buildings that looked at you,
so you will never leave again.
They welcomed you in .

I am now on the upside down world.
I was in a place, I was not sure I wanted to be in.
Artists eyes meet me and cut to my soul.
Had I loved to be one of the…

life and the keeping up in it

So my son and DIL were in the process of moving this past weekend. I was in for 30+ hours of help. I havent been to the gym since friday morning. I figured loading a 26 foot uhaul,lifting a compressor thats bigger than me and a grill and sooooooo many other things. I didnt need the gym. Tomorrow morning tho,,back to the gym morning routine. My body told me it needed a few days to recover to what I had just done to it. I will be happy to get back to the gym. I miss the feel of it,,the strength I get inside and out from working out.

My semester is over!!! PARTY!!!! One A and one B, B for Bio and let me say,,so hard a subject for me. A lot of abtracts which I dont work well with. But done!!! In the Summer I have another lit. My third one and last lower lit. I also have French,which im so looking forward to. Ill have to study hard for that one, but something about the language. Im prolly going to take as many classes of it as I can. Id  love to speak Francais!!

So whats going on with you?…