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Feeling Yellow

How do you feel like a color? Its a sense you feel,something inside. I feel somber today. Lonely,even tho im never alone. EVAH!! This flower is full of mystery,petals,life,love. I feel like the plant today.

Hope you had  a super tuesday. Still no comments,but I know you are out there. How are YOU today?

Hugs if you need them

Writing Marathon

This past friday I was able to take part in my first ever writing marathon. What is a writing marathon you might be saying, well its where a group of people agree to meet,write and read. At the end of the reading all you say is Thank you for Sharing. No comments other than that!

I was in a group of three and one was an English major, One was not. It was neat to see how each processed their writing and what they thought of their own writing after it was over. I was also interviewed by the college about what I thought about the whole adventure. You have a route and a list of spots to stop and write for 10-15 min each time.

I really enjoyed it all and made some new friends. I wrote poetry of course. One of the poems I wrote was titled Storms and well you can see what its about... here it is


Thunder, bumping,rolling right
Laughing, bumping through the night.
Sit and watch the world turn round.

Flashing Loudly, when we see a sound.
Bright as day,but dark as night.
Yearning to be n…

Blood ..a poem by me :D

This is a poem by me and can not be used in part or whole without my written permission. With that said, October is Halloween time, but I did not write this for the Holiday. I wrote it awhile ago but think it fits it really well, so here it goes..


There is blood on the Moon,

around the pale moon light.

Troubles coming,so they say.

Circle once and come on back.

The Darkness likes this time.

Deep magenta against the white.

Troubles coming late

Watch your soul,

for hours are here,when you will Just disappear

Pain and Suffering is our friend but, Bitterness; she is with us to the End.

Troubles coming,so I see

Blood and white mix in the night.

Reaching out to eat your soul

Lock away your pain tonight

Troubles coming with a fright!!

Grabbing, reaching,so you will see,

your pain is not all that is to be.

Pain will eat you this is true, but troubles coming after YOU!!!


This weekend I was lucky enough to have earned a scholarship to the writers conference in Macon,GA
I got to meet many authors and publishers and other wonderful people.I learned about THEIR way of writing and thinking about it. I learned to write what you love,which I do anyways,but felt better for them having said it. So I write poetry. This is my safe space in the world and I dont ever get comments left ,so I dont even know if anyone will read it,but with that said,here is my first poem to share with you~~

All out of Faith

you calm my storm.
    you steal my heart &
take my Breath away
    you are the glue to

The Peace in my serenity.

I love you, from the deepest
darkest places

in my soul.

I hope you like it and I hope you have a great tuesday. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think :D

Thanks in advance