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Brrr its cold out and a new poem

Hey all,
Its getting chilly here in Georgia. Well chilly for Georgia standards. Im originally from NJ and hello cold is not till AFTER its well below freezing,you are waiting outside with wet hair and your boots are soaked with snow in 2 seconds. I hope this post finds you all snuggle warm in your homes and enjoying some great hot cocoa. Wednesday night is the lighting of the Rockefeller tree in NYC. Now being a "Joisey gal" I can say that its not the holiday season till you have seen the tree be lit. Its a big honor to have your tree picked. They shut down roads to get it into the city (like there isnt enough traffic) and it takes a lot of man power and cranes to get it into place safely. There is an hour long show,,some great music, but in the end BAM!! tree is lit and Holidays can begin!!! So Happy Holidays from my little space in Georgia and with all that rambling a few little poems.

Poem #1
I wandered in the woods today.
the sounds that nature made,
were so peacful.

a Time of thanks

In American we celebrate Thanksgiving. a Day set aside for us busy , multi tasking, insanely busy Americans. We are so busy keeping up with so much,so many people,thoughts,money,kids,shopping.
In America we need a day set aside to breathe. This should tell us all something is wrong. Why it is more then ok to celebrate Thanksgiving, I do believe maybe we need to do it more often. Maybe instead of keeping up,we need to slow it down. I have learned to say no to things, I have cut out activities. I have made  new ones with my daughter and enjoy them so much more. We spend more time together doing whatever. She recently asked if we could decorate together this year for Christmas. It warmed my heart. So this weekend, before our finals at College (yes we both go to the same college) , we have decided to take 3 days to decorate. Bake cookies, play games and be goofy. I hope you all are taking the time needed to be thankful for your lives daily. Its not about the TV you got $30 off, its not ab…


a new poem,,all rights are mine and this poem may not be used in whole or part without my written permission


the night was camouflaged in fear.
Silent rain fell near and far
Our minds played tricks,
like seeing a sign in tea leaves.

we saw the river floating by
Dreams drifted by, hearts floated on
Suicide was our friend
the night came to close us in

rain made our bodies swell
Minds shrunk by all our hope
the rains came down and washed us away
No one cared that we were gone.

so im going to try and get someone to respond

write a poem titled : who Am I?
use your area,your accent, your friends, everything that makes you who you are...

so something like   who Am I?
a mother, sister, aunt
I love from my soul
to share a hug is a dream

and whatever you want,but come on and share with me :D
I know someone out there writes :D

have a super day

a Sneeze of Joy

Poem by me and may not be used or in whole without written permission by me. With that said, I dont know if you are out there, I dont know if you look at my blog,but I have another poem ive been working on and wanna share with YOU!!

a Sneeze of Joy

Three times ,
a sneeze of birds
flew out a tree
then flew back in.

the breeze could not be seen,
it did not shake them out,
nor blow them back in.
But there sudden movement made me shout
again,again again!!

Three times,
a sneeze of birds flew out a tree,
circled twice, then
flew back in.

I did not see a breeze to shake them out,
nor any to force them back in,
but their sudden movement made me shout with joy
Again Again Again.

Hope you like it and wish you a wonderful Saturday night xo