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Weight and Honesty

So time to share and be honest about it. Im going to be brave and just put it out there, because honestly on other sites I  post to  seem to be inspiring people and I wanna do that here too. Ive always had a weight problem. And when I say always, I was born 10 pounds. Yeah,,baby aerobics was needed.

Im not one for resolutions. I never keep them, but this year during the 2nd week of January I decided it was time for a change. I got on a scale and somehow was now 250. How did that even happen? With working fulltime,going to school and running, I would just grab something to eat when and where I had time. Obviously this wasnt working.

Well I cant leave my job, and I wont give up school, so I changed how I live and sleep.
I actually get up at 5 AM now. Usually 5 days a week and saturdays we go to the gym at 10. Well come on now,we all need sleep. Im usually at the gym two days a week at 5:30-6:30 and when im not im home doing Yoga with the Wii. I set up my own routine weekly and take it…

Krafty Me

Hey All,
I hope your weekend is going well. Im volunteering with youth tonight and im super excited about it. Its been a long time since I worked with our youth at church. Bout time to get my toes back into it.

For all of you who didnt know. I have an etsy shop.

Ive spent the better half of the afternoon uploading new felted bowls and new necklaces.

Come buy and check them out ..pass on the link to friends and family. Id greatly appreciate it.

Have a super rest of your weekend,im off to make din din early,finish laundry and back to church :D

New Year,,New You?

Greetings all!! So we are two weeks into the new year and I have a question for you. Are you working on a new you? A lot of people make resolutions they never keep,but is there something YOU wanna change about you in 2013. Im not a resolution maker,but I have started working out 5 days a week. Taking it slow and getting back into it.. 3 days on the treadmill, two days doing yoga. I can do the warrior pose like no ones business hahaha.

But is there something about you that you wanna change maybe on the inside? 2013 finds me divorced a decade and I closed off after the divorce. My whole world was work and home. So little by little I came back to me!! Im finally my old self again,but still, always room for improvement. So 2013 finds me looking outward bound. My pastor said something Sunday that stuck with me. You get so bogged down in your own stuff you forget to be outward bound. What I mean by that is that we tend to forget to smile at a stranger. We forget to say thank you to people w…