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Hoppy Easter

Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a very Happy Hoppy Easter tomorrow,,well in less than an hour :D

hope you spend it with friends,family,whomever tickles your fancy. Just enjoy the day and Ill see you on the flip side :D


Spiral for good or bad

Lately ive been sick,,migraines,stomach bug,you name it. With this came a bad grade on a bio test. With this came me missing work and so on and on and on..its a spiral.Not a downward one mind you,buy maybe a sideways one. Life is not what we see,its how we perceive it. Im taking my icky test grade as a challenge that I can and WILL get a B out of this class. I have worked to hard in this class to quit now. Life is a spiral.

Havent gone to the gym since monday. Made peace with that too. Ive lost 7 pounds this week from the stomach bug,,not the way to do it,but  im just learning to go with it all. Im just finally back on solids and will be ,,if my strength is back,back to the gym sat and then back to monday wed friday next week. With those of you who have said ive inspired or reinspired you to work out. Thank you. Im glad my journey has motivated others to do something too. I had someone this week offer me persciption diet pills this week. While I understand for some its needed or they …

Poem- Reality

So I like to keep you on your toes..that and I realized its going to be a busy weekend.

So my new poem titled REALITY for you,,on a tuesday.

I was floating above realtiy,
hanging, as if by a web.
One story higher than my feet could walk,
I could see all the wrong that I had done.

Mistakes swam by as if to parade in front of me,
my soul had done so many wrongs.
Heaven was not waiting for me,
nor calling my name. I was well aware.

lives shattered,worlds torn apart,
humble heart,but strong pride.
Life was not as I had seen,
for pain was all around.

eyes glaring at me,judging me,
Souls floating down, down, down.
reaching,clawing pulling me into the ground.
Wrongs had anchored me this way.

mistakes ,lies, I could see it all.
Harnessed energy to sooth the soul,
bound to wander till peace came to me,
I, weighed down, felt my life pass me by.

Floating a story above the ground,
but feet firmly in the mud.
Coldness,stillness, ate my blood,
aching ears,screeching nights ahead.

Someone waiting…

New Poem

this Sunday,again, Im going to upload a new poem. I wrote it one night when I cant sleep. I rarely sleep. I think you will like it. Im trying to get into writing a new poem weekly and putting it up on Sundays. Sundays are usually my relaxing day. Working all week,classes and school work on Sat also. I hope everyone is doing great . Just a quick update, Im down 25 pounds now. Been working out at the gym now since around Jan 7th. My workout partner has pretty much quit due to health issues. We had someone else join us,but she isnt serious. She walks 2mph on the treadmill 30-40 min and wont do weights or anything. I wont bore you with all of that, whats important in MY journey is, IM STILL DOING IT. I do elliptical now 30 Min per my trainer and then 30-40 with weights. *the machines and free weights* per my trainer again. Did I mention my SIL in NJ is my trainer? She went to school for it and is helping me :D. My daughter wrote a paper for one of her classes on obesity and it home with m…

Poetry---My Barefoot Soul

My Barefoot soul came to me in a dream,
it was just floating by on a cloud of green.
My soul called out to the moonlight,
as I wrestled to hear my own breath .

Words floated by, when I went inside
to rest, but I could not speak.
I was wholy and sadly adrift. My mind,
as soft as a feather, could blow with a gentle wind.

My hands,at rest, under my pillow,
struggling with my soul.
Wrestling again to breath,
cold pale night filled my lungs,Dead!

I moved, but no one saw.
I spoke and my words were music.
Gentle souls reaching for my hands,
frozen legs gone from my body.

Soul awaken, howling,feeling
it all, so deeplly.
I soon realized I would feel no more,
my Life was gone,my soul stolen.

Once again I tried to breath,
but my soul reminded me, I'm gone.
I sank into the ground or was I pulled?
my eye rose to meet the dead, my legs walked on without me.

French Kind of Mood

I got off work early today. I got some things for my DIL b day dinner tonight and decided to stop in my new favorite shop on the way home. They had a beautiful display up for their one year that looked something right out of a Paris scene. I was there many Many MANY years ago. I only was in the country three days and it wasn't enough time and wish I had gone back again. Paris is a very magical place. When people say it is a romantic place,they are right. I could stroll for hours and hours and watch people walking hand in and hand and kissing.

Well the lady who owns the shop let me in on who was singing this beautiful French music and yes now its on my ipod too. It makes me swoon and sway. I want to sit on a Parisian bridge or walk a market and go to a cafe and write. I want to write my first famous book. I can say years later, oh yes, I wrote then when in Paris. I want to take hour and hour lunches,not be pushed out of a restaurant and just enjoy people watching.

Happy Birth…