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Truth in Love

While I am a firm believer of truth I recently discovered other people are not. Let me clarify, they believe omission is not telling a lie. If the omission hurts as much as hearing the lie then I ask, what is the difference?

Our goal with other human beings is to build relationships. Friendships, dating, family, and of course with our friends. If the person is not telling you half of what's going on then you have to wonder what IS going on?

People try to be honest, but when it comes down to it omission or lies are easier. Yes you look nice in that dress, yes I want to do this with you, yes yes yes, but what they really mean is something totally different. Why do we not find a polite way to say what we mean? I think society has been trained with cell phones, Internet, and technology to just accept instant gratification and not bother putting in the time and effort it takes to cultivate a great true relationship with someone. In a world spinning so quickly we miss connecting with th…

Haunting Halloween Story:Part 1

One October night a few years back I was at a concert with a friend. She had received free concert tickets in exchange for doing a TV show about a product. We were waiting patiently for the concert to start when all of a sudden a mad drunken crowd headed right for us. We had no where to move and were frozen in fear. As the crowd moved closer we could see they were not drunk but actually zombies. We were the only ones left as humans and had to run for our lives. The zombies kept coming at what seemed like an abnormally fast past for zombies. It was then we realized that we were falling. We had not physically moved, but we were falling. The zombies were falling toward us, which made them appear to go toward us faster.

At last we hit the ground with a small thud. We had fallen for a little while and were sure we were far from home. It was dark by the time we hit the ground and were unsure of our surroundings.Not a zombie in sight anymore. We had lost them in the fall. We fiddled around i…


October is here and so it means that I will start this years Halloween story this coming Sunday. It will be put up in parts until Sat the 31st will be the ending. It will be a mystery for sure and will keep you wanting more. Stay tuned for this Sunday as part one hits the blog.

Happy October,,Happy Autumn, Happy orange and black month. This is my favorite time of year.

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