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Writing Prompt #8

Another week has gotten away from me. I finished school in May, but I just seem to run run run. I am constantly on the go with two part time jobs, housework, and honestly no help. I feel like writing keeps me grounded in life though. I wrote two new pieces this week and got published in groups on

My first piece:  is a piece on writing. It is about who you write for. Your audience when you right is not important in the writing process. It curbs your writing before the words flow and hinders your creativity.

My second piece is a short:
This one is a quick quip about junk mail. It was a weekly prompt in a writing group and I went where it took me.

I enjoy writing. It keeps me thinking. I keep seeing parts of stories in everyday life. I write for me and me alone. Maybe one day ill publish, maybe I wont, but honestly the process of writing is amazing to me. I guess that goes with my English B. A. I earned.I never minded writing papers…

Writing Prompt Seven

So it is that time again where I put up a photo and you write. I usually do them on Wednesday, but this week was Rush at the college and I worked 10.5 hour days and just came home and died. So I hope you are all writing. I would love to feature your peace if you want to be on my blog just leave a message and we will talk.

Writing is a solitary experience, but once your first draft is down on paper it can become a group activity. Many people who write are part of a writing group. I am part of two right now. The critiquing part is the worse. You think you corrected everything. You think you wrote well and BAM people tell you that you missed all sorts of thing. Honestly they are nice about it, they are there to learn too, and we are all in this together. I think sharing is the hardest thing, but if you can find a fellow writer to share with it can be amazing.

So here is your photo prompt for week #6.
Travel? Photography? Polaroids? Life through the lens? So many possibilities. Good Luck …

Photo prompt 6

So it is that time again for your next photo prompt to get you writing. Each week I do a photo prompt with a group and I wait for inspiration from the photo.I wait for it to unveil a poem or a short story or what it wants me to write. I wait. Why? Why do I need it to tell me? This week I decided I'm writing a  short story about it. I am not waiting for inspiration. Why as writers do we wait till we are in the mood to write, why do we wait for inspiration, or why do we simply not accept we are good writers and just begin.

This week's photo prompt is:

It is a panorama of the beach and ocean and sun. It is stretched, wrinkled in time, and manipulated by the camera. (those are all hints on writing,,stretched, wrinkled, manipulated )

As a writer, take the photo, make it yours, choose your words wisely, and write. You do not need my permission, you need your own to begin.

I hope you are enjoying your weekly writing prompts. I am certainly enjoying being part of your writing journey.

Personal & Professional Blend & Writing Prompt 5

Greetings fellow bloggerx, friends, writers, and whomever else is joining us. I want to talk a little bit about personal life vs professional. I am pushing my writing more and and more and recently realized my personal spaces online were filling up with my professional writings. The lines were certainly blurred and I intended to fix that. I opened (Thanks to my dear friend Lisa's suggestion ) I have opened a FB group for my writing side. Debbie Aruta: A Georgia Artist & Author
I needed to separate my two worlds a little. Do you feel you need to do the same? If you have them separate how did you go about doing this? I am considering opening a professional website for my writing. You know with pieces to be considered for freelance paying jobs and such.

Ok well enough of me. Here is writing #5 prompts. I hope you are enjoying these as much as I do. It really gets you pushing the envelope of writing. I bounce between writing poetry and writing short stories …