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Why we are

As humans we yearn to connect. We yearn to be part of a community. I definitely believe we are placed together to connect, but I feel we have a huge disconnect going on. While out today I noticed people at the same tables, but not talking. Everyone was on a cell phone, a laptop, or another device. How are we supposed to connect with one another if we are no longer speaking with one another. We no longer call someone to wish they a happy birthday. We text. We no longer write beautiful hand written love letter or poetry, we type it. Where has our love of connecting with people gone? We have such power in connection.

I firmly believe we need to disconnect from technology and reconnect with each other. We need human contact. We need to write and relearn how to spell. LOL and OMG are not words. I promise you as an English major I can confidently tell you that. We need to use our voices to protest. We need to use our voices to say, "I love you". We have lost connection with our em…

The Doldrums

There is a story I read ( for some class ) where this ship gets stuck in the doldrums. Now doldrums means inactivity, stagnation, and in this story it meant the area of the ocean where no wind ever came. The ship sailed by wind to the sails and it just sat. It was stationed in the middle of no where and nothing basically. This is where I find myself. I am in the doldrums. I think its a lull really, but feel stuck.

When in life you have passions and they are not fueling your fire, what do you do? Maybe I need to take a new crafting class, get a new lens, do something new. Maybe I am taking a break from the constant running I do, the cleaning, the yard work, and maybe this is actually a chance to rest. Perhaps my body needed some down time and this lull is the worlds way of saying, take a break!

Is a doldrum a positive or negative thing? I dont know. I think it is somewhere among homeostasis. I think it is around the middle. Sort of like the equator. It is just there. I feel a pull from…

Life's Design Vs. Our Design

so im &$()&%^$ years old ;) and have learned a few things in life. First off and most importantly,,spread love.

1)Love wide open,,heart open to anything including the hurt. It will happen and you might as well go all the way home when it comes to love or pack up and go home. Yes we are going to have our heart broken,,it happens,,crap does in life, but if you aren't all in with someone you love than you didn't give it your all and you really need to. If you do not and it does not work you will always wonder.

B) (yeah I do 1 than B hehe) Spread kindness. Yes you know you can do it. No you do not have to like everyone, but there is no reason to be mean. You do not know what that person has had to deal with in life, so smile. If they ignore you, what did you lose, nothing? right!! So smile, offer to buy someone a coffee, give a hug (im a huge hugger) What would happen if we made our design to be kinder,, oh no kindness would spread...lets try it I say.

3)  Life , or what w…

Love and Him: Take 2

So this is something I wrote a bit ago and included the poem I wrote also. I placed them together like this because I think they are beautiful together. I hope you enjoy it.