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Writing: Rules, Advice, and Grammar

Writing is a solitary event. Your brain and you sit somewhere and connect words. After this happens you write these sentences down somewhere. You form images for others to see while using words to conjure emotions from your readers. If you are a good writer you write so that your readers feel a connection with your story, words, and characters. You write to evoke emotion. Your words, while now only your words, go into the world fully formed and your readers change their meaning. They infer their emotions, their history, their take on your words based on their lives and you are devastated, or are you?

As writers we set out with a thought, perhaps if we are  lucky a world, a character, or some story line that will resonate with others, the readers. We have a set vision in our words of how they will touch peoples lives. How they will be received and when readers see our words as something different, something more to them, we get mad or hurt, but in reality our words are still well recei…

The New Norm

Relationships have an ebb and flow like everything else in life. A relationship is an organic thing. It changes, it adapts, and if it is a good one, it will grow from each adaption. In the natural world if you do not adapt you die, if you do not adapt in a relationship it ends. A couple needs to move and flow through their relationship over streams, over mountains, under bypasses, and anywhere else the relationship shall wind.

Recently my relationship has  had a huge mountain throw in its path. My sweetie was moving his stuff to live with me in Georgia, from Texas, and had an accident and broke his arm. We needed to ebb and flow like the dickens. He made it home and we have been finding a path to our new routine. Life throws broken arms at you (not literally ) everyday. Flat tires happen, broken bones, happen, illness happens and so on and so forth. The ebb and flow instantly changes. A couple needs to move around the mountain to sustain a happy and healthy relationship.

January will …

Writing, Relationships, and Holiday Whohaw!

As I write more and more these days, I find myself slowly falling into a new routine with my writing. I write for a few websites and I realize ( Big surprise as everyone who writes says to do this ) having a writing routine keeps me writing.

I had a creative writing professor tell me "Write what you know" and so I throw what I know into poems, creative fiction, creative nonfiction, and just about anything else. I place my characters into parts of what I know, places I know, and feelings I know.

I have taught workshops on creative writing. I have taught writing workshops, lead writing groups, and all around read pretty much everything on what anyone ever said about writing. I am not an expert, but I know reading all genre of books helps my writing.

Writing is cathartic in getting past grief, in healing broken hearts, and basically dumping everything into the page. Writing helps us move past, deal with, and help others. Our words, our stories, if we are lucky touch someone els…