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Quick Update

Just a quick update...My shop , im having a Buy one get one free sale.Come check it out and get some new artwork for your walls :D
Have a great night & weekend.Tomorrow we go to the lake :D

~~Friday Alert~~

Todays is Friday and I thank the lord. I take blessings in anyway they come and friday is one im totally thankful for.Im a single mom. I work fulltime. Im going back to college in TWO WEEKS (eeeeeeek) Yeah a little scared.Been about 6 years since ive attempted it. I look forward to my weekends.They are filled with errands and chores and laundry,but I love (most of the time) doing it.Means im moving forward. Means im keeping up.Means less to do during the upcoming week. Did I mention the single mom thing. My daughter goes back to school the 9th.We have open house coming up.School supplies are already bought. We are ready!! I hope this time of year finds you ready for what is coming your way.Be it School for your kids, a child starting for the first time or you going back to college ,like me, to finish your degree. I hope you weekend is all you need it to be.Enjoy the summer ,it goes by fast!!
A slice of homemade apple pie for you. I wish for Autumn. I yearn for crisp days again.The heat in Georgia is so bad this time of year and next month is not going to be any better.So this past weekend I made a fall favorite.Homemade apple pie.Seemed odd at first,but them I have a craving for it. Summer is about relaxing a bit.Well I relaxed and made a pie out of season. Maybe in fall ill make a peach one just to even it out :D
Hope you all enjoy your summer evening.Whatever the temperature is in your neck of the woods.

Welcome to my new home...

So Ive missed you all. First a little about me. Im a single mom. One son who is 19,lives out on his own and engaged. One 16 yr old daughter who is truly amazing and im so blessed to be raising her. Im a mom,sister,fulltime worker,Aunt,godmother,soon to be back to college student,crafter and part time photographer.Im the family maid,cook and errand person. My life is crazy cool and im so thankful for it.
I look forward to sharing more of myself and learning about you as I go,so pull up a chair.Have some sweet tea (yeah in in Georgia) and have a long talk with me and tell me about you :D