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some low cost holiday ideas

So with everyone having hard times, me included, I thought I would give you some ideas and tips for a holiday that wont break your bank. It is not the size of the gift, the money that went into it, it is your heart and showing you care that matters. I know Christmas/Holiday decorations have been out for weeks, do not even get me started on that with the stores. It is all about the bottom dollar to them. With all that said I share some great ideas for presents, decorating, and spreading love.

These are my own ideas I have done and used over the years with my family. They have treasured all their gifts from me because they were made and not store bought.

First: Pine cones. I gather them at a local park because I do not have them in my back yard. I leave mine natural but you can obviously paint them with spray paint if you want. You can find Michael store coupons on their app, or online, and get the paint really cheap. If not, do not paint them. You can get a eye hook and thread it into …

a poem for the man I love

there was a time when love did not exist,
a pace that I struggled to keep up with.
there was a time when I felt empty,
a place in my heart that yearned for you.

if I told you everyday for the rest of our lives,
that I loved you, it would never be enough.
if I told you that I was lucky to be with you everyday,
it would not encompass the gratefulness in being your love.

you opened your heart from a place of darkness,
saying I was the light you needed in your heart.
you love me freely from a place of trust and hope,
saying I was the love that you needed in life.

if I told you today I will spend forever with you,
and you said yes, id be your life forevermore.
if you told me you wanted to spend forever with me,
and I said yes, id be the luckiest lady for life.

you hold my heart gently but firmly,
you love me so tightly I can feel your heart.
you hold my hand tightly by caring,
you love me completely, but hold me with wings.

conflict and strife may swirl around us,
together we take it day b…

a lost love revisited

So it is no surprise to any of you that I have a boyfriend. I have introduced all my friends to him and have told anyone about him I can. We have known each other 20 yrs and are finally together. The journey long and the road hard, but we are together. Now enough of me,, some thoughts on loves lost.

I have realized how precious all the people who have come in and out of our lives are. I have realized that we are maybe just maybe someone important to someone we didn't think we were anything to. I see people passing all the time and never acknowledge the people around them. We do not nod, we do not smile. Both are free.

Paris was just attacked,,,again. Other countries are going through strife. We on US soil have dealt with 9-11 and other attacks. With so much violence why are we all not more compassionate? Why are we not seeing how we can be the love another stranger needs. We do not even treat each other as human we see each other as someone to gain something from. We see people a…