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Autumn I am rooting for you!!

So it is not secret that I love fall. The colors,the smells, the food, so I realize its still summer, but I am over it. Here are some of my favorite photos from my trip to NJ in 2013. I hope it gets you in the autumn mood too.

New Jersey is truly a magical place in the fall. I hope you like the photos and remember please dont steal them. My mom has since moved away from this area, but I look forward to exploring her new area soon. Happy hoping its fall tomorrow to you.

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Twinge of Change

On the way home today I noticed the tiniest bit of change. I noticed the air was different. Leaves were falling,blowing over the roads, and it was a tiny tiny bit cooler. In Georgia fall does not appear her head till the end of October or even November, but today there was a twinge of change.

If you pay attention every day to the items around you, the temps around you, the world around you, you will notice changes. Today I thought, Autumn is coming. The world is spinning and change is approaching. I love fall. I go hiking in fall. I live for fall as it is the happiest time of the year for me.

Today I noticed another change. This one is in me. I feel stronger. I finished my two summer classes today and rocked them both with A's. I realized that I had not noticed the changes happening in me over the last few years of college.  I am a senior this year and I now write so incredible well thanks to some amazing professors who pushed me and pushed. I am not the best student by far, but I…

Loving a Wild Woman

There are women, like me, who people consider a wild woman. Not swing by the lights, go get wasted drunk, throw eggs at mailboxes wild. I mean the kind of wild where we cannot be tamed.We have wild hair, we dress how we want, we say whats on our minds and in our hearts. We cannot be tamed, controlled or  tricked into anything we want. We have hair blowing all over. We have words flying past our lips that come from our deep souls. We are wild woman in the sense that others just hold back and we do not.

Wild woman are full of compassion. We give from our deep soul. We do not just give a little, we give everything and anyone our all. If we just met you, if we have known you a lifetime, it does not matter. We abandon all the rules and throw love into the universe and watch it mix and mingle with the world and hope it spreads out into the cosmos. We feel so deeply our emotions that we are seen as intense and crazy sometimes, but those emotions have to go somewhere. We send them to you, the…

10 Things I love about him loving me

So laying in bed last night I was thinking about things men have done in my past. These things showed me they loved me and I loved them for doing them. Each person has a different way of showing they love someone. A different manner of how to treat a person they treasure. So I lay in bed thinking, what are the top 10 things that I have loved over the years.

#1 When I get hugged and the person does not let go for a really long time.
You know those hugs you feel will never end. Like this person genuinely loves you and does not want to let you or your heart get away from them. Taking time to hug and linger in that hug means a lot to me.

#2 When they come up from behind me and wrap their arm(s) around me and surprise me with a hug or holding me.
Who does not love being surprised snuggled? Am I right? The fact that this person knows I am his and he can do this melts my heart into a puddle.

#3 Writing a love letter.
Romance in email,,umm no. Remember when we used to get paper letters ladies…

Love, Friendship, and the Sh*t we take because of it.

I have long known I am an empathetic person. I have always felt other peoples emotions deeply. Sometimes I wish I could turn it off, but recently I realized how much of a gift it is. I can hurt with them, I can share in the highs, I can be there fully for those who need me. I think it is a gift really.

I might not always understand what the person has gone through, but I listen and feel the hurt down to my soul. It shakes me to my core and allows me to empathize with the person. This empathy is dangerous to me and my own happiness. While I feel other peoples emotions so deeply,I notice I feel mine even more. With every good or bad thing that happens I realize how much it resonates with my soul. It takes a tole on my body sometimes and that is not good.

The definition of an empathic is this:
of,relatingto,orcharacterizedbyempathy, thepsychologicalidentificationwiththefeelings,thoughts,orattitudesofothers:asensitive,empatheticschoolcounselor.…

Wandering Soul

I find myself recently thinking of traveling again. I love the newness of a place. I get bored with the old. I like learning new about new cultures and making new friends. I have one more year of college and then I am open to moving anywhere. I would love a job with writing of course as I am an English major, but I do not limit myself to that. I open my heart and soul to wandering.

I think if we stay around the same people too much we disappoint them. They are bound to get tired of us, or us them, at some point. Ive recently realize if we attach to someone, some place, or something we will eventually get hurt. Everything that has a beginning has an end. All relationships start and end. All our time in a place starts and ends. Nothing lasts forever. Buddhists say if you do not get attached to anything or anyone you will not be hurt. Easier said then done. Pfft!

I always thought my lack of attachment to people or places was a bad thing. If we go with the Buddhist's way then I am ac…