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life is an adventure

So we all need a little adventure now and again right? ( I see you all nodding) Sunday , after I worked 6 days straight, I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and got to A) see my amazing bf for the day and 2) Chihuly exhibit was going on. Still is till October, so if you are local I highly suggest you go see it.

So I am amazed at how stunning the pieces are ( and how amazing my boyfriend is ) I wanted to share some pieces with you to wet your whistle. You will want to go, I promise.

So here are a few photos of the gardens.

Gorgeous flowers made in glass.
 Misting in the gardens. It is how they water allllll those plants.

So hope you enjoyed the small sneak peak. The gardens are alive, stunning, and so colorful right now. I insist you go see them :D

your storyteller/poet
Debbie :)

a soul deepening poem

So I recently graduated.My son recently graduated as well. This week has been a week of celebrations.
My kids have been super supportive of my going to college for my B.A. My son got his B.S. and is a brilliant IT young man. So with every ending starts a new beginning, but you cannot start without first finishing up some flailing ends.I cleaned out all my school papers, notebooks, books, and bags. I have finished keeping what I am keeping and throwing out items I will no longer need. In this I found a poem. I may have shared it before, I cannot remember, but I feel it is a good time to share again. Somewhere during the semester I wrote this. Sometime I felt it was needed to be let out of my head and put down on paper. So without waiting any longer here is my new ( well or old) poem.

 Titled Dripping Soul.

His soul drips down on me
like a soft gentle rain.
Caressing my arms, my nose,
my eyes, and my soft lips.

A Warmth felt deep inside me,
like honey on the comb dripping.
I feel my hea…

Collective Consciousness

While I think being part of a group is a great and beneficial happening, I do also believe in being alone with oneself. If we are all moving collectively forward we lose our individuality and own voice becomes muffled with the group we are currently partaking of. If we do not spend more time on our own we will lose ones self into the muddle of other temperaments and cease to be our own genuine self.

If you have been following this blog for awhile you know I am a firm believer of the theory of Ray Oldenburg's third place. According to Oldenburg everyone needs a  home space, a work space, and a third place. The third place can range from coffee shops, barber shops, to parks, or soccer fields. Communities are losing their third places and we are losing our voices along with them.

Hear me out. If our third place is where our collective voice is then how do we lose our own voice. Well I have a thought on that. I believe third places allow us to be part of a group, but a group relaxing…

Rambling Confessions of an Artist

Confession time:

When I am reading a book everyone can starve, including myself, until I get to a point where I actually want to stop.

I wander aimlessly while taking photos and sometimes have to be told a car is coming ( I know a lot of you are nodding with me on that one)

I am both looking forward and dreading my graduation day from college.

I do not know the next step of my life, but trust in the Lord and am just waiting.

I write at the oddest times, and if I cannot write I record my thoughts into my phone, and then write them down into a journal at 3AM.

Putting myself before everyone else helps me and hurts everyone else.

I am so proud of my kids for chasing their degrees and this year we ALL graduate. First generation in my family to all have degrees!!

I drink flavored coffee I make at home, but if I'm in a mood I go make tea.

When depression hits, my house has never been so clean.

I'm on the fence about graduate school because at my age I feel I need to be working and no…