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Summer Time

With temperatures reaching over 101 today I am reminded that Summer in Georgia is here and fierce. It tries to fry us up and spit us out. It comes in strong,then hammers us for months, and when it hits 90 daily we are happy. We are constantly trying to cool down, stay inside, find new things to do inside to keep us sane,

While I am a fan of Summer this heat has me avoiding it. I am exhausted by the heat when I just walk outside.
The light outside shifts from subtle, like in this picture, to so strong it could fry and egg. And I am so tempted to try that one day. All the windows remain shut. All the light stays out, I cover everything to keep the house cool, but I miss the light. I miss photographing items in the house, but even in the morning, first light is way to strong.

Summer is, nor has it ever been my favorite month. I am and always shall be known as a Autumn lover. I crave the light, the colors, the pumpkins. I live for the sounds, smells, touch of all things fall. I like the …

writing & a prompt

So I am trying to get onto medium as a creative who is at the top in her game....

This is my link to my story. If you have a min can you please look and let me know what you think.
I would really appreciate your help.

This is our prompt. This photo. I hope you like my story that I wrote, but you could do art, podcast, or anything in response. It just spoke to me on a story level.

I hope you like it :D

Thanks for stopping by and thank you in advance for checking it out.
Your story teller/poet

Happy Sunday & a Poem for you

Happy Sunday all. I hope today finds you recouping. Re energizing and relaxing. I wanted to stop by and leave you with a short, but powerful poem I wrote. I hope you like it. It is called: Lines.

Lines are crossed
                           Love Collides
hearts all a flutter,
                           Deep, Deep inside.
My mind spins & opens wide,
                            Life is full, but yet,
so empty inside.

An allusion to happiness, an hour of pride.
Souls touch, but yet to many miles apart,
Reaching out from inside.

                             Sometimes it hurts....
                             Sometimes the pain...
                             Sometimes, just sometimes.....

Always alone, here with my thoughts,
Always afraid of what they mean.

Tears are flowing, Now I know.

Hope you enjoyed it. I wish you all a very happy happy rest of your weekend.
your story teller/poet

Third place in Communities

So yes once again I am on my soap box about the third place. If you have not followed my insanity about the third place let me say it is Ray Oldenburg's theory about how people need a home space, work space, and third place. The third place is a space where community come together to relax in a communal space and talk freely to whomever, to connect to society, to meet new people, and to just be.

Last night I went to a meeting about new third spaces and mobile third places. I went to a meeting held by Macon Connects. Here is the link about what they are trying to do if you would like to look.

New Town Macon & Macon Connects

Basically the whole meeting was two amazing speakers talking about how to improve Macon to a place where people want to come, sit, enjoy and connect. How to make Macon a great third place. The speakers talked about store fronts, markets in town, bike lanes, connectivity.

Another talked about 8 80. How to make spaces attractive to 8 year old's and 80 year …