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Three Day Weekend

So this weekend I actually had a three day weekend. We are usually open for the holiday ,but being as its just my boss and me now at the company,,we took off..yeah!! I had time to patch holes in the living room,take down the wallpaper border, study biology, tho dont think it helped. Im seriously lost. But thats another chapter of life. My point was,,hahah,, I had three days off and wrote and edited a new poem for you all :) Remember I retain the rights and it may not be used in whole or part AT ALL. This one is titled:

 My Barefoot Soul

 My barefoot Soul came to me in a dream,
it was just floating by on a cloud of green.
my Soul called out to the moonlight
and I wrestled to hear my breathe.

 Words floated by when I went inside to rest,
but I could not speak. I was wholly and sadly adrift.
 my Mind , as soft as a feather,
could blow by with a gentle wind.

 my Hands, at rest,under my pillow,
struggling, with my soul. Wrestling again to breathe.
Cold pale night in my lungs,
stopped me…

Weight,photography and writing

So this is an all encompassing post. Weight first, im still working out 5-6 times at gym,but its frustrating cause I wanna loose the weight ,like yesterday. I have to realize it took years to get me to this point in my life and its going to take years for the pounds to come off. Im down a few more pounds, im noticing muscle definition, but you know,,takes time. I now do weights three times a week to go along with treadmill. I have to say I LOVE the treadmill,yes I know,,dont kill me for saying it. About 10 min into my 50 min work out, I get my breathing down to a science with my step and I can feel it all lining up and then im good to keep on going to the 50. But those first few min,,hard to get breathing right, steps are off and I stumble. Its a journey im on and I need to remember im just taking the first few steps of it. Im on week 6 now and still going strong with my work out partner. We push each other to go the extra mile or min as it may be :) Oh the photography front ,, Im…


Migraine migraine go away, dont come back some other day. No one can say, why I have you, Migraine migraine go away. And that is all I have to say!

Maureen & Debbie

a new collaboration photo from today,,we both thought pink today :D She is in California, I am in Georgia, We met on flickr with a lot of photography in common,,today we both thought pink :D

Selling and Marketing

So most of you know I have an etsy site,but did you know I have a Society 6 page also.

come check it out,,they do pillow covers,bags,cards all sorts of things and shipping is from them. Share the love for me and pass it on. I would really appreciate it. xo Debbie

So Weight and food

So Im not going to say this is an easy transformation,but im going to say this, Im still doing the gym three days a week, now walking the trail in town,,FAST one day a week, still doing yoga, 2-3 times a week and im watching what I eat.

Im an emotional eater,period!! Anything good bad,up down, I eat. With the lay offs at work and my job hanging in the balance of it all, I could eat and I thought no no,its been 6 weeks and im down to 228 pnds. Started at 250 ugh. Never again. So now when I get stressed, I walk!! If I have to stress eat, I grab special K cereal or an Apple.

They say it takes 8 weeks to change your life. Well I could see the process as I come out on the other side. I have worked my butt off and HELLO its getting smaller ;) Each day its becoming easier to eat healthier, walk more, and realize this IS a life altering change. I will not going back to being a blob on the couch. I will walk!!! and yoga my way into fitness.

My cat henry does yoga with me and still tickles my n…


So I have joined a group on flickr,well been a member for awhile, and the new theme is Collaborations.

My new friend Maureen,who lives on the opposite coast, has agreed to be my collaborating buddy.

This is out first one,,hope you enjoy it!! Also hope this is the first of many to come.

With that said,off to bed. Gym early tomorrow and probably going Sunday with my daughter too. Everyone where I work for laid off today. Im still employed for now,but not sure how much longer. So need to work out some frustrations. And if you believe in prayer. Im feeling lead to apply for a youth director position at my church. I dont know how many people are applying,but keep me and my family in your prayers.