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Every month the moon starts fresh. We all love full moons, but how about the first slither. It is out tonight. It is breathtaking. We notice and are drawn to the light of the full moon, but this little first slither. Waiting for you to notice it shyly winks at you as if to say, well hello there gorgeous. It puts a little twinkle in your night, a little magic in your step, and all you have to do is notice it.

The slither hangs there, swaying in the galaxy. Barely visible, but oh so lovely. So many miss its tiny smile on their lives. So many people miss this tiny precious gift. This slither sees us. It guides us quietly through the night. If only we would say hello.

Slither high up in the sky, wondering what you are doing down here on earth. Waiting for you to smile at him, waiting for you to admire his soft side. He sits on there waiting for you to dream for the stars and fall upon his slither of moon. This light so soft as a warm and welcoming hug we need at the end of the day. This …

a little adventure

so I have been repeatedly told to take myself out on artists dates. These dates fill me with inspiration in my writing and photography. The first time I was told this I thought pfft no way do I need to go out, inspiration comes from within, well sometimes it does,but seeing new places, items,taking new photos, getting outside and hiking fills my soul with happiness. Yesterday I finally got off my couch. I am a full time college student and never have time, but this week I decided to do nothing. Oh my how good the nothing felt. No papers, no readings, no deadlines, nothing. So I took myself to the lake and then hiking in the woods. Both of these spaces fill me with such happiness and light that it makes me feel lighter inside. Though I have issues with this that or the other thing I rarely sulk. I move on, I seek happiness and yesterday with my toes in the sand picking up shells and then later hiking in the woods I found my happiness down in my soul again. It was a great day spent out.…

Fear of Life

So lately I have been writing more and more. I realized that if I do not write at all, then I am not a writer. I love to write and when speaking with one of my best friends tonight, I said I should write an article on fear...and so I did.


Fear of Life by Debbie Ealer

Sometimes you just need to find the light...

Love and Vulnerability

So after some recent stuff going on in my life, I was able to finish this article and wanted to share it with you..

Love and Vulnerability by Debbie Ealer