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Henry & His Gift Shared

Susan Sontag once said "To collect photographs is to collect the world" and I agree. I feel lots of photographers would agree as well. We collect pockets of our world in the time we capture. We use our photos as words to show our world. To show the good, the bad, the ugly, and the pretty. We use photos to tell all sorts of stories and Henry Lohmeyer is no different. He wants to use his camera, his extended eye, to capture the world and share it. He wants to take a journey and explore the world. Well in this case one part. I will let you hear it from him. These are his words that follow, his journey, and his story. It is an amazing one and if you can please share, donate, follow along, but do not sit in the fragments of silence and do nothing!!


It may have been fear’s screaming that we’ve been hearing, I believe it’s time for love’s whisper to be heard.

We all live with trepidation over an edge we perceive. Often this fear closes our eyes to those who, like us al…

Writing Prompt 14 and a Poem

So with most of my blog being about writing lately, I am sure you are not going to be surprised that I wrote a new poem. I grew up with a step-monster who abused me ( we wont go into that ) and recently I have connected with a soul on that was abused too. This poem was in response to her story about her life and about abuse in general. I think maybe more people know it exists, but people do not want to react and do anything about it. We are all happy living in a bubble.

The poem is titled ENTWINED

Every person, every voice, intertwined with the next,

standing alone on a ledge,

whispering help me, longing to be heard.

Struggling to find the thread that connects us to society.

Abuse all around, beating us down, beating us till we bleed out,

outward hatred intermingled through the classes,

through society, through the world,

Abuse around us, we stare instead of react.

Each person crying, each voice drowned out by the next,

each person frozen, fear engulfed and lost for motion.

Writing Post 13

So it is that time again. Time for your next writing post. I hope you have enjoyed these so far.

Everything included this week including the kitchen sink.
If you are looking for a serious push on your novel writing, do not forget nanowrimo is in November. The link is here: Also if you haven't checked out Medium it is a great platform for writing. So enjoy the kitchen sink and get to writing!!!
If you would like to share on here, or have me look at a piece in email or whatever I am always willing to. My writing is on Medium as Debbie Aruta or you know here where you found me :D
Happy writing! your story teller/poet Debbie

Writing Prompt 12 and Misc.

As a photographer and Writer I feel a need with both mediums to tell a story. Sometimes I tell it in photos and sometimes I tell it in words, but either way it is a story. Stories have been told, retold, and over told on porches, family gatherings, in parks, and other misc. places forever. They could be long, short, a tall tale or fictions tale. Tales could be filled with worlds that do not exist, magical potions, or everyday people. In any sense of a tale, a story is told. It is sent out into the world in a way for others to absorb it.

Our writing prompts are a way to catalyst writing of a tale. I hope you find inspiration in them and enjoy sending your words or own photo essays into the world. I have really enjoyed writing a lot lately. I do not know if it is the cooler weather, the sharpened pencils, or the feeling of more and more of wanting to be published.

I feel a connectivity to writing. I feel it can express my jumbled thoughts into one coherent tale. One word at a time conne…