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Writing prompt #4

Greetings fellow writers, (and all of your other wonderful people)
It is that time again. Ive been busy writing poetry and another short story. Writing is so freeing. You let your mind wander on paper or computer and something magical happens. A story unfolds. A tale is told. Something comes from one. word. in. front. of. the. other..... you connect and you have a sentence, a paragraph, you join them to make a character. You let a scene you see in your head unfold on paper. You, yes you, are a pure magical creature. You might not be a Harry Potter, or a magical dragon, but you as a writer are magical.

So this weeks photo prompt is:
So many possibilities with this one. Yes it is one of those tip jars, but look at it, read, take in colors, shapes, sizes, magic is happening. I cannot wait to see what you do with this prompt.

Now if you are interested in sharing, or interested in me posting a guest blog about you, your writing, or anything to do with you and your writing please shoot me …

Writing Post #3

It is that time again. I have been writing like mad. Editing revising creating. Over the last few days, I published a few pieces I am thrilled with, editing a few wondering what I was thinking when I wrote these pieces and revisions on pieces I thought had great bones.

Being a writer is hard work. It takes dedication and perseverance over and over and over. Creating anything from scratch out of your brain takes time. You need to get the details right. You need to create characters or a storyline people can follow. You need to invoke sympathy for characters and lead your story down a believable world.

Writing is an art and all writers will tell you it takes time. I have some really great editors I now work with and I am writing more than I ever have. Well for myself that is, when I was working on my B.A. I did pages and pages and umm pages of writing just never for me. It was all for academic papers.

So this week I have another writing prompt for you. Use the  photo and create some sto…

Writing and Prompt #2

Greetings again fellow writers and friends,
Since the last post with the writing prompt has done so well, we are going to continue them. I hope to have one photo prompt up a week for you. I know it gets you thinking, gets your brain to clear out the cobwebs, and definitely gets you in the mood to write.

This week with a photo prompt from a group I belong to had me writing a piece that was well pretty darn good. I push myself, I write poetry, short stories, and basically any other kind of writing I can to push the box wide open. Writing daily, weekly, or whenever you do it, is very important when you want to move from just someone who dabbles to someone who does it professionally. Your voice needs to be your own. Do not mimic others who write sci fiction, or death poetry, or whatever else. Write from your experiences, write the details of places you know, and yes I believe you should write from your heart. No you do not want to write how you were dumped or how you lost your job. You do…


So these days my voice is being heard on I go by Debbie Aruta on there if you would like to check me out.

This is a piece I wrote today for a group. I am not allowed to share it on Medium with another group or under me, but I am allowed to share it anywhere OFF Medium so wanted to share it with you.
Normally I do not write insane pieces. I play it pretty close to the rule book, but this time I went a little crazy fun. I hope you like the piece.

My friend Insanity
I want you to know how much I enjoyed all the times you made me feel like I have lost my marbles. You tried me over and over and you win.I give in to your massive mental power. I am insane.I want you to know that I loved my life before the insanity set in.You and I had a good long run.I made it happily into my forties before losing my mind.There were times in the middle of the night where you chased me around in my dreams while I was wide awake during the twilight hours. I battled you like a dragon slayer yielding…

Fourth of July 2016

Today is the Fourth of July, which is a holiday for us American's. We like to celebrate our independence with parades, fireworks and beer. I however am held up in the house for 4 days. Well I just do not feel like going out honestly. Last week was insane, so I needed a little recoup alone time.

Each holiday reminds me of my grandparents. They would have us all down. We would all go and though it was never a huge feast, we shared food, memories, lit sparklers, and played gin rummy. I like to think my grandparents are always watching out for me.

Today I went through their photos. The ones my mom wanted to trash. I am reminded of two things while scanning some in for you. #1 I get my love of photography from my grandfather. He always had a camera, he always wanted to capture the images (thank you lord that he did it too) , and that he always captured the family. Another thing he did on some of his photos is a date and/or place. This photo was taken on this day back in 1957. ( my mom …