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Sunday Stories- Poem Interruptus

We interrupt out regularly schedule story to interject a poem into the mix. I hope you all like it. I might have shared it on here before, but it was forever ago. The name of it is "Blood"

Blood by Debbie Ealer

There is blood on the Moon,
around the pale moon light,
Troubles coming, so they say.

Circle once and come back again,
The darkness likes this time of day,
Deep magenta against the white.

Trouble's coming late tonight,watch your soul,
for the hour is here,
When you will just disappear.

Pain and Suffering is our friend,
but not bittterness; she is with us to the end.
Trouble's coming, so I see,
Blood and White mix in the night.

Reaching out to eat your soul,
lock away your pain tonight,
Trouble's coming with a fright!

Grabbing, reaching, you will see,
your pain is not all that it is to be,
Pain will eat you, this is true,
but be warned, trouble's coming after you!!!

Welcome Fall

Oh Autumn, You are more than welcome. Oh how I missed you. :D
Happy first day of Autumn everyone!!!!


Sunday Stories: Halloween story part 2

No sooner had I shut the door then I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. She was standing about five feet from me and seemed to be muttering something. In a flash the pain stopped and she asked me to sit. Ummm, this was my place, but I sat down. She impressed upon me how her finance's death was an accident. She kept saying he was careless,how he was in he wrong spot, how he was supposed to be elsewhere. She kept repeating that nothing was in the woods that shouldn't be. I soon began to realize she knew something. Wasn't this the lady who was just in tears at headquarters hours before? Did she not say just today to do any and everything we could to find out what happened?

I asked her if she wanted a glass of water. She said her name was Emma and before I knew what happened I  was not feeling so well. A dizziness crept over me and I was wobbling trying to get to the kitchen. She kept repeating that nothing was in the woods that shouldn't be. I started to wonder if she was…

Halloween Sunday Story Part #1


Sarah and Adam, Sunday Stories #8

In Maine....

Sarah and Adam spent a great few days together in Maine,but then things turned serious. Adam tried talking Sarah, who could write anywhere, into moving to Seattle, so they could date. Sarah instantly said no. Adam was worried he had more feelings for Sarah than she did for him. They decided to bundle up and take a walk on the beach. Fall was fast approaching and a chill was in the air. Perfect weather to walk with some one's arm snuggled on your shoulder. Adam had his hands in his pockets.
Sarah could sense how tense Adam was. She wondered why,but did not dare ask him. They had only actually been on a few dates. They only spent three days together. Sarah really liked kissing Adam. She loved holding hands and being part of a couple. Only thing, Sarah realized she did not love was Adam.

They walked a way in silence. The waves noise made up for their lack of chatter. Adam said he realized it was soon, but he had been waiting for someone like Sarah for a long time. Sarah…

a poem for your sat..

the Poem is called Moonbeams, because the moon was so bright last night I could not fall asleep.


moonbeams caressing me as I drift to sleep,
falling on my face like gentle kisses.
Holding my hands in his as I fell,
deep,deep into a dream like state.

He teased me into believing in love,
light shattering my hopes, reckless beams
falling where they might,
No regard for my rest.

No recourse for losing control,
shattering my heart into the light.
Pieces of me scattered all over my sheets,
no one there to catch me,
just the moon and I.

Where will I land, slipping down
the slither left up in space.
Only a part of you, only a part of me.

Broken hearts tonight, held by only pieces
of our tattered life.
In your arms made of beams, a love fills me up,
leaning into you, I am all aglow.

till you fade away into the dawn,
I'll lay and wait.
Yearning to be in your light again.