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Exploration of My Life

So we all tend to do the exact same activities repeatedly. We are after all creatures of habit. As I am on the cusp of finishing my B.A. I realize that I will have time again for me. Last night I went to meet a group of people who sketch. They met at a beautiful park I have wanted to see and while I can doodle I am certainly not talented, but I thought why not. New people, park on a blanket, draw, relax. It did not disappoint at all. The people were very welcoming. My doodles were fun and relaxing. The sun was so warm on my back, and the park was alive with couples doing engagement photos, ultimate Frisbee, and church groups gathered with music that made you want to get up and say "PRAISE JESUS". It was a beautiful night.

So why do we not venture out into the unknown? What are we afraid of? As kids we ran up to someone and said "Do you want to play?" with no fear. We ran all over, we played hide and seek, we  sang at the top of our lungs. Now as adults we are so fe…

Writings and such

Sometimes when I am cleaning out notebooks I find writings. I meant to get to, I will expand on, I will write this story out. So I am including one of those here today. Forest Changers is the title of this piece. It is a different type story then I normally write, but I wanted to share it anyways.

Once upon a time in a land so far away you couldn't see it if you squinted, there was a young boy who liked to wander in the woods. These were no ordinary woods. Each time the boy would enter the woods the trees would become alive. they would move and new paths were exposed in front of him. He could explore each pathway only once. These were enchanted woods. The air in this forest seemed to sparkle with glitter as he walked through the sun lit paths.

Each time the young boy entered the glitter fell down on him like rain. The world before him transformed into some new realm to explore. On this chosen day the woods changed to a new world that seemed a bit different. Houses were made of red c…

Photo Walk & Women

So I am doing a local photo walk for women. I feel that there is a need for empowering women in environment that includes their passion of photography. We will spend an hour walking around town or 1.5 hours. Everyone will wander back at their leisure where we will have a photo booth set up, food set up, and we can use laptops to upload, share, and what not. We will have place settings that says, I am enough, I am beautiful, Spread the kindness in your heart, and other positive affirmations. We will write them for someone who we just met and give it to them as a reminder that we are all here to build each other up and not knock each other down.

Here is my blurb on the website:
1st Annual Women's Photobug Day!!! Saturday April 23 at the 567 Center for Renewal in Macon. 1-4 PM. All women who love taking photos with any type of camera,,even phone ones, are welcome. Going to be taking photos from 1-2 then sharing and uploading. Will be a $10 fee to cover room and other things.( total …

a creative Writing Work space

Writing/Working spaces are very personal. Some people like lots of items around them,some like empty spaces. My work space is filled with items that help me. I want my space to always feel inviting.I want items around me that fill my heart in some way that they aid the writing process. I write short stories as many of you have seen and read on this blog. Today though I share the behind the scene location where my writing happens. I hope you enjoy the ride.

This corner of my desk is probably my favorite. First I have a scarf I found at a thrift store for a dollar over my desk. It is a beautiful desk, but I love textiles and color.

My Buddha gently reminds me to smile as I write. He is a gentle reminder of  kindness and generosity which come across in my writing.

A pen, always, I love writing by hand first. This lovely leather tree of life journal is like a magic spell book for my thoughts.I sometimes run my fingers all over the cover when I am having writers block. It is therapeutic.