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Sunday Stories,,,Sarah and Adam's Adventure. #7

Three Months Later..........

Sarah was back home in upper New York . Typing the last few lines of her book. Adam was in Seattle waiting for the final copy. Sarah hit send and nervously bit her lip. She had been working on her book  since she was kissed left Seattle and came home to work away on it. She has been sending it chapter by chapter to her editor and been working diligently to finish the book on time. She decided she deserved a break!

Sarah had of course heard from Adam, but only on a professional level. All his emails were void of emotions. She was starting to think everything that happened in Seattle between them was a dream. After all it did seem to good to be true. She was glad though that she had not changed her ticket. She had came home the next morning after their kiss.She got right to work on her book, but did wonder what would have happened if she stayed.

Sarah decided to head to the Maine coastline for a mini break and began packing her suitcase. She had been pluggi…

a story, my journey

As with all writers I feel they have a journey to tell. Like Stephen King, I am sure he has a very interesting journey.Alice Munro, probably another interesting story. We all have our story. So today I am sharing my story with you.

Back in the Summer of 2002 my husband and I split up and in the Autumn we divorced. (short version of that, I will spare you) Soon after I worked myself back into college (soon being 2010, so longish soon hehehe) and was working on my business degree. I had an office job and loved business, or so I thought. I started my core classes and with only taking two a semester, raising two kids and working full time I had my hands full. I own my home so there was always work to be done. I worked to provide for my kids. I started getting to the upper business classes and it occurred to me that I actually DID NOT like being chained to a desk. A few incredible professors mentioned they loved my writing. They thought I was in the wrong major. It took another semester, a…

Sunday Stories #6

so today we continue the adventures of Sarah............

Sarah was back in her hotel room looking at everything she packed for this trip.She arranged it all onto her hotel bed.  Nothing seemed right for her dinner date with Adam. She still had a few hours and decided to venture into town again on the hunt for the right dress. She wanted something casual, because she wasn't sure this was even a date. Armed with her credit card she headed out. She walked around Seattle till she found Air. Air was a store that had light and breezy sundresses that felt as light as air. Sarah walked into the store. It smelled like the beach. She was sure they were piping in that smell as she was miles away from any beach. A tall slender blond sales lady walked up to her to ask if she needed help. She told the way to tan young women that she was just looking. Then proceeded to tell her about her date, or maybe it was not a date. Either way Sarah needed a dress. The lady went into the backroom while Sara…

a Traveling Story

Another coffee house, another city. This coffee house came with a few different things. For one my best friend, who drove me there and took me out to lunch and for another thing a tornado.

It was a gloomy day outside, but I was happy inside. Not having seen my best friend in a long while, I was happy inside to be with him. Just to be goofy, have someone who knows me that well is such a gift. Next year is our 20 year anniversary, but that's another story.

First thing we did was take off for the top of the mountain. We were determined to beat the bad weather moving in. We drove to one point toward the top of the mountain and from  there you climb stairs to another and hike to the tippy top. I had my camera backpack, which he carried for me, and off we strutted up the stairs and onto the asphalt to get to the top, but first, two random canons. It is a historic park and all, but one wonders what the canons were aimed at. We stopped at each and scrunched down together to look. If the …

Sunday Story #5, Part 2 (Sunday story #4)

Since everyone is enjoying Sunday Stories so much I am going to keep them going. I enjoy writing, you enjoy reading, win win :D

This Sunday story is a continuation from last weeks story. I hope you enjoy it. Next weekend I will be away, but I found a coffee house to write from on Sunday and I will be putting up a new Sunday story then. I really enjoy writing short stories and hope someday to publish a book of them. So next Sunday will be Traveling Sunday Story #1 :D

So Part 2 of last weeks story along with some cleaning up of the first part..enjoy :D